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  • GE IC754VGI06MTD  6
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  • GE IC754VGI06MTD 6" QuickPanel™ View

    GE IC754VGI06MTD 6" QuickPanel™ View

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GE IC754VGI06MTD 6" QuickPanel™ View

GE IC754VGI06MTD  6" QuickPanel™ View

Products: 6" QuickPanel™ View 









The QuickPanel View has an integrated flat-panel color or monochrome display,

depending on model. The color model (IC754VxI06STD) is backlit, measures 5.7"

diagonally, and uses passive STN technology. The monochrome model

(IC754VxI06MTD) is backlit, measures 5.7" diagonally, and uses passive FSTN


The resolution of the color display is 320 x 240 pixels with 65,536 colors; the

resolution of the monochrome display is 320 x 240 pixels with 256 shades of gray.

A backlight timer is featured on all models, extending backlight life by turning it off


compact HMI computer available.    The QuickPanel View is available in different

configurations to suit your requirements.

environment or as a stand-alone unit, the QuickPanel View is the ideal solution for

factory floor HMI.

Powered by Microsoft Windows CE.   NETTM, today’s embedded operating system of

choice, the QuickPanel View provides a fast track for application program

development.    The commonality with other versions of Windows simplifies porting

your existing program code.    Another benefit of Windows CE is the familiarity of

the user interface, shortening the learning curve for operators and developers alike.

The availability of third-party application software makes this operating system

even more attractive.

The 6" QuickPanel View is an all-in-one microcomputer designed for maximum

flexibility.    The design, based on an advanced Intel® microprocessor, brings

together a high-resolution operator interface with a variety of I/O options.    With

many standard ports and expansion busses from which to choose, you can connect

to most industrial equipment.

The QuickPanel View is equipped with several memory types to satisfy even the

most demanding applications.    A 32 MB section of DRAM is split between the

operating system, an object store, and application memory.    A 32 MB section of

non-volatile FLASH memory, functioning as a virtual hard drive, is divided

between the operating system and persistent storage for application programs.    The

retentive memory consists of 512 KB of battery-backed SRAM for data storage,

ensuring your valuable data will never be lost, even during a power failure.

The many features of the QuickPanel View make it an obvious choice for a world

of applications.    Your smart choice will provide reliable operation for years to


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