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  • Foxboro™ DCS Field Control Processor 280 FCP280 270
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  • Foxboro™ DCS Field Control Processor 280 FCP280 270

    Foxboro™ DCS Field Control Processor 280 FCP280 270

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Foxboro™ DCS Field Control Processor 280 FCP280 270

Foxboro™ DCS Field Control Processor 280 FCP280 270

The EcoStruxure™ Foxboro™ DCS Field Control Processor 280 (FCP280) is a distributed, optionally fault-tolerant, field-mounted controller module. The FCP280 performs regulatory, logic, timing, and sequential control together with connected Foxboro DCS Fieldbus Modules (FBMs). It also performs data acquisition and alarm detection and notification. The FCP280 connects to the Foxboro DCS Control Network via standard fiber optic or copper 100 Mbps Ethernet cables from network adapters installed on its baseplate (see the next figure). The FCP280 requires Foxboro DCS Control Core Services software v9.0 or later. A system with the FCP280 and this software is called an EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS Process Automation System.

The number of FBMs that an FCP280 can support varies depending on the types of FBMs used: 

• 200 Series FBMs exclusively used with FCP280 - Each Fieldbus port on the FCP280 baseplate can connect to a baseplate chain with up to 32 Compact or standard 200 Series FBMs per chain via the 2 Mbps HDLC fieldbus for up to 128 modules. 

• 200 Series and 100 Series FBMs (dual baud configurations) used with FCP280. The FCP280 can support a total of 128 100 Series FBMs (Y-module) or competitive devices (such as Foxboro DCS system migration FBMs) in one or more baseplate chains, with the remainder of the FCP280’s 128 module limit being 200 Series FBMs, depending on the Fieldbus loading of the FCP280. For example, an FCP280 could support 64 100 Series FBMs and 64 200 Series FBMs (as 64 + 64 = 128). Main and expansion FBMs are considered as two FBMs for counting purposes. As well, no more than 64 100 Series FBMs are allowed on each PIO bus/baseplate port. See the next two figures.

The FCP280 supports up to 128 FBMs, which can consist of one of these options: 128 200 Series FBMs, 128 100 Series FBMs, or a mix of 128 200 Series and 100 Series FBMs. If you use a mix of 100 Series and 200 Series FBMs, the FBMs cannot be mixed concurrently on the same PIO channel. Each PIO channel must be configured to either a 268 Kbps or 2 Mbps HDLC fieldbus. The 100 Series FBMs can be connected to any fieldbus port on the FCP280 baseplate, provided that the overall FBM limit of 128 100 Series FBMs is maintained for the FCP280. Up to 64 100 Series FBMs are supported on each PIO channel/ baseplate port. An FBI200 may be included on this connection to extend the distance between the 100 Series FBIs and the FCP280 baseplate. In mixed configurations (100 and 200 Series FBMs) the FCP280 can communicate on the 268 Kbps HDLC fieldbus up to 60 m (198 ft). When communicating with a 268 Kbps HDLC fieldbus only, the FCP280 can communicate on this fieldbus up to 1 km (3,200 ft). The FBI100 pair may be used in place of FBI200s. For sizing constraints and devices supported by the FBI200, see FBI200 Fieldbus Isolator/Filter (PSS 41H-2FBI200). For sizing constraints and devices supported by the FBI100, see FBI100 Fieldbus Isolator/Filter (PSS 21H-2Y16 B4). The FBI200/FBI100 extends the distance of the HDLC fieldbus between the FCP280 and the FBMs up to 1,830 m (6,000 ft). The FBI200 can be used with 200 Series FBMs as well to extend the cabling distances to them. The FBI100 is used exclusively with 100 Series FBMs to extend the cabling distances to them.

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