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  • Honeywell Servo Valve Positioner Module (SVPM) CC-PSV201
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  • Honeywell Servo Valve Positioner Module (SVPM) CC-PSV201

    Honeywell Servo Valve Positioner Module (SVPM) CC-PSV201

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Honeywell Servo Valve Positioner Module (SVPM) CC-PSV201

Honeywell Servo Valve Positioner Module (SVPM) CC-PSV201


This Series C I/O module provides an onboard PID positioning loop for positioning a servo valve typically used in a turbomachinery control application. It can accept LVDT/RVDT/4-20 mA position feed back signals from the control valve, receive a control valve demand remote set point from a C300-20msCEE controller and execute onboard PID positioning loop to issue current output to servo valve coil to control the control valve position.

Notable Features

• Onboard PID positioning loop execution with overall loop latency within 10 mS 

• Onboard excitation supply for LVDT and support for various configurations of LVDT connections 

• LVDT input channel can be optionally configured to accept 4-20 mA analog input signal 

• Supports wide range of unidirectional/bidirectional current output to servo valve coil 

• Servo valve output channel can optionally be configured for 4-20 mA analog output signal 

• Accepts two digital inputs, which can be configured to drive servo valve output to safe value 

• PID execution using the position measurement and remote set point received from the C300 20 ms controller 

• Extensive module level diagnostics (PV qualification for AI & AO, LVDT excitation frequency drift check, internal reference check, power supply diagnostic, memory diagnostics, etc.) 

• Extensive field level diagnostics (open wire detection for Servo, LVDT, AI [4-20 mA] and DI; LVDT core fallout; read back current diagnostics for Servo and AO [4-20 mA]) 

• Drive Servo output to safe value on detecting abnormal condition of control components 

• Point processing at 2.5 mS period for "LVDT/RVDT signal" and PID execution 

• Provides digital dither (current modulation) to compensate stiction in the controlled device (servo valve) 

• Supports servo valve position calibration 

• Supports redundant solution 

• Supplies non-incendive field power

SVPM supports the following I/O interfaces

• LVDT/RVDT/analog input – 2 channels 

• Digital input – 2 channels 

• Servo/analog output – 2 channels 

• 2 PID blocks

Parameter Specification

Input/Output Model CC-PSV201 - Servo Valve Positioner Module CC-TSV211 Redundant 18"

Servo Output

Output Type Bipolar current (Ranges: 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 mA) Unipolar current (Ranges: 50, 300 mA) Output Channels 2 Dither 0-10% of FS, 25-60 Hz Output Temperature Drift 300 ppm per deg C Output Current Linearity 0.325% Resolution 16-bit DAC Maximum Resistive Load (24 V supply = 22 VDC through 28 VDC) Maximum coil resistances allowed for different current ranges with this interface are available in Honeywell DFS document Maximum Open Circuit Voltage ±14 V Gap (0 mA) of Output to Field on Switchover 15 mS maximum

LVDT Interface

Input/Feedback 3/4/5/6 wires LVDT feedback signals, 8 V RMS max., 2.5-3.2 KHz Excitation 8 V RMS max, 2.5-3.2 KHz (max. internal excitation is 50 mA) Frequency Stability 2.5-3.2 KHz ±5 Hz from set value Channels 2 Galvanic Isolation (any input terminal voltage referenced to common) ±500 VDC Isolation Technique Isolation transformer A/D Converter Resolution 16-bits Input/Output Range (1) 8 V RMS max., 2.5-3.2 KHz Input Impedance (voltage inputs) Impedance > 25 Kohm (2.5 KHz to 3.2 KHz) Input Scan Rate 2.5 mS Hardware Accuracy (@ CMV = 0 V) < 1% Analog Inputs * AI & LVDT signals are mutually exclusive Input Type Voltage, current (2-wire or self-powered transmitters) Input Channels 2 Common Mode Voltage, DC to 60 Hz -6 to +5 V peak A/D Converter Resolution 16-bits Input Range (1) 0 to 5 V, 1 to 5 V, 0.4 to 2 V, 4-20 mA (through 25

Maximum Normal Mode Input (differential inputs, no damage) ±30 V Input Impedance (voltage inputs) > 10 M Ω powered Maximum Input Voltage (any input referenced to common, no damage) ±30 V Input Scan Rate 5 ms Hardware Accuracy (@ CMV = 0 V) ± 0.075% of full scale (23.5°± 2°C) ± 0.15% of full scale (0 to 60°C)

Analog Outputs * AO & Servo signals are mutually exclusive

Output Type 4-20 mA Output Channels 2 Output Ripple < 100 mV across 250 Ω load Output Temperature Drift 0.005% of full scale/°C Output Readback Accuracy ±4% of full scale Output Current Linearity ±0.05% of full scale nominal Resolution ±0.05% of full scale Calibrated Accuracy ±0.35% of full scale (25o C) including linearity Directly Settable Output Current Range 0 mA, 2.9 mA to 21.1 mA Maximum Resistive Load (24 V supply = 22 VDC through 28 VDC) 760 ohms Maximum Output Compliant Voltage (24 V supply = 22 VDC through 28 VDC) 16 V Maximum Open Circuit Voltage 18 V Response Time (DAC input code to output) 1 mS Gap (0 mA) of Output to Field on Switchover 15 mS max.

Digital Inputs

Input Channels 2 DI Power Voltage Range 22 to 28 VDC ON Sense Voltage/Current 13 VDC (min.) or 6.12 mA (min.) OFF Sense Voltage/Current 5 VDC (max.) or 2.1 mA (max.) Input Impedance 4.6K Absolute Delay Across Input Filter and Isolation 1.78 mS Field Resistance for Guaranteed ON Condition 300 Ω max. @ 15 VDC Field Resistance for Guaranteed OFF Condition 30 KΩ min. @ 30 VDC

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