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  • 5X00355G01	Emerson Ovation Operator / Engineer Workstation
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  • 5X00355G01 Emerson Ovation Operator / Engineer Workstation

    5X00355G01 Emerson Ovation Operator / Engineer Workstation 

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5X00355G01 Emerson Ovation Operator / Engineer Workstation 

5X00355G01 Emerson Ovation Operator / Engineer Workstation 

This document discusses the planning and preparation necessary for the successful

installation of an Ovation® Process Control and Information System. Ovation uses

commercially available hardware platforms, operating systems, and open network


The Ovation system consists of the following:

• Redundant high-speed network that uses Fast Ethernet standards to send input

and output data to all the stations and Controllers connected to the network.

• Workstations (Solaris-based or Windows-based) that receive and send data in

order to perform any operations needed to run a process. These workstations are

typically connected to a switch, which is, in turn, connected to the network.

• A Controller that executes modulating and sequential control strategies and

interfaces to Input and Output modules. Controllers are typically connected to

a switch, which is, in turn, connected to the network.

• Input/Output (I/O) modules that interface field signals (temperature, pressure,

and so forth) from the actual plant processes to the Controller. The Controller

sends the information over the network to the workstations. In turn, messages

are sent from the workstations to the Controller, so that adjustments can be

made, as needed, by the Controller.

5A23398G01 Emerson Ovation Relay Base Contact Wetting Kit (5A23398G01)

3A99141G01 Emerson Ovation Q-Line Interface (3A99141G01)

3A99162G01 Emerson Ovation QBO Digital Output Card (3A99162G01)

1C31150G02 Emerson Ovation Pulse Accumulator Module (1C31150G02)

1C31147G01 Emerson Ovation Pulse Accumulator (1C31147G01)

5X00241G02 Emerson Ovation Processor Module (5X00241G02)

5X00241G01 Emerson Ovation Processor Module (5X00241G01)

5X00356G01 Emerson Ovation Processor Historian Station (5X00356G01)

3A99199G01 Emerson Ovation Power Supply backplane (3A99199G01)

1X00097H01 Emerson Ovation Power Supply (1X00097H01)

5X00132G01 Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Module (5X00132G01)

5A26137G03 Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Harness (5A26137G03)

5A26137G02 Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Harness (5A26137G02)

5A26137G01 Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Harness (5A26137G01)

1X00102H01 Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Board MagneTek WH1-PDM (1X00102H01)

1X00188H01 Emerson Ovation P-mod Cavity Insert (1X00188H01)

1C31238H01 Emerson Ovation P-Mod Base Cover (1C31238H01)

5A26391H03 Emerson Ovation PF5133HX/512 WH3M MMX CPU Board (5A26391H03)

3A99158G02 Emerson Ovation PCRL: 4PCRL2 PCI to R-Line (3A99158G02)

5A26481G01 Emerson Ovation PCQL to Q-line Adapter Ribbon Cable (5A26481G01)

3A99132G02 Emerson Ovation PCPS:3PCPS04 W3-DPU-PS Assembly (3A99132G02)

5A26434H01 Emerson Ovation PCI PGX Graphics Card (5A26434H01)

1X00133H01 Emerson Ovation PCI Fast Ethernet DAS NIC, W2K, XP (1X00133H01)

3A99200G02 Emerson Ovation PCI Backplane (3A99200G02)

3A99200G01 Emerson Ovation PCI Backplane (3A99200G01)

3A99132G01 Emerson Ovation PC Board, PCPS Power Supply (3A99132G01)

1X00185H01 Emerson Ovation PC BD, SUN XVR-100 GRAPHICS (1X00185H01)

3A99158G01 Emerson Ovation Ovation Local Input Output Interface 

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