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  • A-B ControlLogix Controllers 1756-L71 1756-L7x  module
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  • A-B ControlLogix Controllers 1756-L71 1756-L7x module

    1756-L71 1756-L72 1756-L73 1756-L74 1756-L75

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1756-L71 1756-L72 1756-L73 1756-L74 1756-L75

1756-L7x ControlLogix Controllers 1756-L71

Attribute 1756-L71 1756-L72 1756-L73 1756-L74 1756-L75 

User memory 2 MB 4 MB 8 MB 16 MB 32 MB 

I/O memory 0.98 MB 

Optional nonvolatile memory storage 1 GB (1784-SD1 ships with every controller) 2 GB (1784-SD2) 

Digital I/O, max 128,000 Analog I/O, max 4000 Total I/O, max 128,000 

Energy storage module

 • 1756-ESMCAP capacitor energy storage module (removable, ships installed with every controller) 

• 1756-ESMNSE capacitor energy storage module (removable, no residual WallClockTime power backup) 

• 1756-ESMNRM capacitor energy storage module (nonremovable, secures controller by preventing USB connection an d SD card use) 

Current draw @ 1.2V DC 5 mA 

Current draw @ 5.1V DC 800 mA 

Power dissipation 2.5 W 

Thermal dissipation 8.5 BTU/hr 

Isolation voltage 30V (continuous), basic insulation type, USB port-to-system Type tested at 500V AC for 60 s 

USB port(1) (1) The USB port is intended for temporary local programming purposes only and not intended for permanent connection. Do not use the USB port in hazardous locations. USB 2.0, full speed (12 Mbps)

 Weight, approx 0.25 kg (0.55 lb) 

Slot width 1 

Module location Chassis-based, any slot Chassis 1756-A4, 1756-A7, 1756-A10, 1756-A13, 1756-A17 

Power supply, standard 1756-PA72, 1756-PA75, 1756-PB72, 1756-PB75 

Power supply, redundant 1756-PA75R, 1756-PB75R, 1756-PSCA2 

Wire category(2) (2) Use this conductor category information for planning conductor routing. Refer to Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines, publication 1770-4.1. 3 - on USB port 

North American temperature code T4A 

IEC temperature code T4

 Enclosure type rating None (open-style)

ControlLogix Controller Catalog Numbers 1756-L61, 1756-L62, 1756-L63, 1756-L63XT, 1756-L64, 1756-L65, 1756-L71, 1756-L72, 1756-L73, 1756-L73XT, 1756-L74, 1756-L75 

GuardLogix Controller Catalog Numbers 1756-L61S, 1756-L62S, 1756-L63S, 1756-LSP, 1756-L71S, 1756-L72S, 1756-L73S, 1756-L7SP, 1756-L73SXT, 1756-L7SPXT 

ControlLogix Redundancy Catalog Numbers 1756-RM, 1756-RMXT, 1756-RM2, 1756-RM2XT

1756-L71 Module Rockwell ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Control

1756-L72 Module Rockwell ControlLogix 4 MB Memory Control

1756-L72S Module Rockwell Logix 5572S Automation Memory Control 4M/2M

1756-L73 Module Rockwell ControlLogix 8 MB Memory Control

1756-L73S module Rockwell Logix 5573S Automation memory control 8M/4M

1756-L73SXT Module Rockwell Logix 5573SXT Automation Memory Control 8/4M

1756-L73XT module Rockwell ControlLogix 8MB memory control L7XT

1756-L74 Module Rockwell ControlLogix 16 MB Memory Control

1756-L75 Module Rockwell ControlLogix 32 MB Memory Control

1756-L7SP Module Rockwell Logix L7SP SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner

1756-L7SPXT Module Rockwell Logix L7SPXT SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner

1756-LSC8XIB8I Module Rockwell ControlLogix 8 Point Counter Input

1756-LSP Module Rockwell GuardLogix Safety Partner

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    I need your help to inject the program into the product, do you have a technical engineer?

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      Yes, it can help you, you just need to send us your specific requirements by mail. There will be customer service for you!

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    Hello, how can I buy your products?

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      Hello friends, you need to contact us by phone or email.


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