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  • MOOG G122-829A001 P-I Servoamplifier
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  • MOOG G122-829A001 P-I Servoamplifier

    MOOG G122-829A001 P-I Servoamplifier

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MOOG G122-829A001 P-I Servoamplifier

MOOG G122-829A001 P-I Servoamplifier

These Application Notes are a guide to applying the G122-829A001 P-I Servoamplifier. These Application Notes can be used to: 

 Determine the closed loop structure for your application. 

 Select the G122-829A001 for your application. Refer also to data sheet G122-829. 

 Use these Application Notes to determine your system configuration. 

 Draw your wiring diagram. 

 Install and commission your system. 

Aspects, such as hydraulic design, actuator selection, feedback transducer selection, performance estimation, etc. are not covered by these Application Notes. The G122-202 Application Notes (part no C31015) cover some of these aspects. Moog Application Engineers can provide more detailed assistance, if required.


The G122-829A001 is a general purpose, user configurable, P-I servoamplifier. Selector switches inside the amplifier enable either proportional control, integral control, or both to be selected. Many aspects of the amplifier’s characteristics can be adjusted with front panel pots or selected with internal switches. This enables one amplifier to be used in many different applications. Refer also to data sheet G122-829.



A horizontal DIN rail, mounted on the vertical rear surface of an industrial steel enclosure, is the intended method of mounting. The rail release clip of the G122-829A001 should face down, so the front panel and terminal identifications are readable and so the internal electronics receive a cooling airflow. An important consideration for the placement of the module is electro magnetic interference (EMI) from other equipment in the enclosure. For instance, VF and AC servo drives can produce high levels of EMI. Always check the EMC compliance of other equipment before placing the G122-829A001 close by.


Vents in the top and bottom sides of the G122-829A001 case provide cooling for the electronics inside. These vents should be left clear. It is important to ensure that equipment below does not produce hot exhaust air that heats up the G122-829.


The use of crimp “boot lace ferrules” is recommended for the screw terminals. Allow sufficient cable length so the circuit card can be withdrawn from its case with the wires still connected. This enables switch changes on the circuit card to be made while the card is still connected and operating. An extra 100mm, for cables going outside the enclosure, as well as wires connecting to adjacent DIN rail units, is adequate. The screw terminals will accommodate wire sizes from 0.2mm2 to 2.5mm2 (24AWG to 12AWG). One Amp rated, 0.2mm2 should be adequate for all applications.


The G122-829A001 emits radiation well below the level called for in its CE mark test. Therefore, no special precautions are required for suppression of emissions. However, immunity from external interfering radiation is dependent on careful wiring techniques. The accepted method is to use screened cables for all connections and to radially terminate the cable screens, in an appropriate grounded cable gland, at the point of entry into the industrial steel enclosure. If this is not possible, chassis ground screw terminals are provided on the G122-829A001. Exposed wires should be kept to a minimum length. Connect the screens at both ends of the cable to chassis ground.

Power supply 

24V DC nominal, 22 to 28V 75mA @ 24V without a load, 200mA @ 100mA load. If an unregulated supply is used the bottom of the ripple waveform is not to fall below 22V. It is recommended that an M205, 250mA T (slow blow) fuse, compliant with IEC127-2 sheet 3, be placed in series with the +24V input to protect the electronic circuit. If terminal 23 is used to power a proportional valve, the fuse should be increased to cater for the extra current.

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