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  • Allen-Bradley 1715-OB8DE  out controller unit
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  • Allen-Bradley 1715-OB8DE out controller unit

    Allen-Bradley 1715-OB8DE  out controller unit

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Allen-Bradley 1715-OB8DE  out controller unit

Allen-Bradley 1715-OB8DE  out controller unit

System Module, Catalog Numbers 1715-AENTR, 1715-IB16D, 1715-OB8DE,1715-IF16, 1715-OF8I 

Base Unit, Catalog Numbers 1715-A2A, 1715-A3IO 

Termination Assembly, Catalog Numbers 1715-TASIB16D, 1715-TADIB16D, 1715-TAS0B8DE, 1715-TADOB8DE, 1715-TASIF16, 1715-TADIF16, 1715-TASOF8, 1715-TADOF8 

Accessory, Catalog Numbers 1715-N2S, 1715-N2T, 1715-C2

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