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  • MEGGITT VM600  Condition monitoring module for vibration
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  • MEGGITT VM600 Condition monitoring module for vibration

    MEGGITT VM600  Condition monitoring module for vibration

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MEGGITT VM600  Condition monitoring module for vibration

MEGGITT VM600  Condition monitoring module for vibration

The VM600 Mk2 / VM600 XMV16 + XIO16T condition monitoring module for vibration provides 16 dynamic channels and 4 tachometer (speed) channels, all of which are independently configurable.

Available modules

XMV16 + XIO16T vibration monitoring module

KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS • VibroSight® compatible hardware from the vibro-meter® product line 

• VM600Mk2/VM600 high-performance condition monitoring 

• 16 dynamic channels and 4 tachometer channels (also configurable as DC inputs) 

• Individually configurable inputs, channel filters, processing and outputs – with simultaneous data acquisition (fixed frequency or order tracked) 

• 24-bit data acquisition and high SNR data processing, with data quality checks 

• Up to 20 processed outputs per channel 

• High-resolution spectra (FFT): up to 6400 lines every 500 ms, up to 3200 lines every 200 ms, up to 1600 lines every 100 ms 

• Data aggregation of internal spectra (up to 100 ms) every 1 s 

• Pre-trigger and post-trigger data logging at up to 100 ms 

• Multiple alarms per processed output with configurable limits, hysteresis and time delay

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