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  • Vibro-Meter VM600 IOC4T input output card
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  • Vibro-Meter VM600 IOC4T input output card

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Vibro-Meter VM600 IOC4T input output card


• From the Vibro-Meter® product line

• Signal interface card with 4 dynamic signal

inputs and 2 tachometer (speed) inputs, for the

MPC4 machinery protection card

• Screw-terminal connectors (48 terminals) for all

input/output connections

• Contains 4 relays which can be attributed to

alarm signals, under software control

• 32 fully-programmable open-collector outputs

(jumper selectable) to IRC4 and RLC16 relay


• Buffered “raw” sensor signals and analog

output signals (voltage or current) for vibration


• EMI protection for all inputs and outputs

• Live insertion and removal of cards


• Available in “standard” and “separate circuits”



• Machinery protection and/or basic

condition monitoring

IOC4T card

The IOC4T input /output card acts as a signal

interface for the VM600 series MPC4 machinery

protection card, from Meggitt’s Vibro-Meter®

product line. It is installed in the rear of a VM600

rack and connects directly to the rack backplane

via two connectors.

Each IOC4T card is associated with a

corresponding MPC4 card and is mounted

directly behind it in the VM600 rack (ABE04x or

ABE056). The IOC4T operates in slave mode and

communicates with the MPC4, through

connector P2, using an Industry Pack (IP)


The front panel of the IOC4T (rear of the VM600

rack) contains terminal strip connectors for wiring

to the transmission cables coming from

measurement chains (sensors and /or signal

conditioners). The screw-terminal connectors are

also used to input all signals from and output all

signals to any external control system.

The IOC4T card protects all inputs and outputs

against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and

signal surges and also meets electromagnetic

compatibility (EMC) standards.

The IOC4T connects the raw dynamic (vibration)

and speed signals from the sensors to the MPC4.

These signals, once processed, are passed back

to the IOC4T and made available on the terminal

strip on its front panel (rear of VM600). For the

dynamic signals, four on-board digital-to-analog

converters (DACs) provide calibrated signal

outputs in the range 0 to 10 V. In addition, four on-

signals to be provided as current outputs in the

range 4 to 20 mA (jumper selectable).

The IOC4T contains four local relays that can be

attributed to any specific alarm signals under

software control. For example, these may be used

to signal an MPC4 fault or a problem detected by

a common alarm (Sensor OK, Alarm and Danger)

in a typical application.

In addition, 32 digital signals representing alarms

are passed to the rack backplane and may be

used by optional RLC16 relay cards and / or IRC4

intelligent relay cards mounted in the rack

(jumper selectable).

Applications information

When used as a card pair with an MPC4

machinery protection card, the IOC4T is highly

suitable for machinery monitoring and protection

in a wide range of industrial applications.

For further information on the use of MPC4/IOC4T

card pairs in general, refer to the

VM600 machinery protection system (MPS)

hardware manual and the VM600 MPSx software

manuals. For information on the use of

MPC4/IOC4T card pairs in functional safety

contexts, refer to the refer to the VM600

functional safety manual.

For specific applications, contact your local

Meggitt representative.

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