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  • 1756-l83e ControlLogix 5580 and GuardLogix 5580 Controllers
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  • 1756-l83e ControlLogix 5580 and GuardLogix 5580 Controllers

    ControlLogix 5580 and
    GuardLogix 5580 Controllers

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ControlLogix 5580 and
GuardLogix 5580 Controllers

1756-L81E ControlLogix 5580 and GuardLogix 5580 Controllers

This publication is applicable to these controllers and modules.

ControlLogix Standard Controller Catalog Numbers: 1756-L61, 1756-L62, 1756-L63, 1756-L63XT, 1756-L64, 1756-L65, 1756-L71, 1756-L72, 1756-L73, 1756-L74, 1756-L75, 1756-L81E, 1756-L82E, 1756-L83E, 1756-L84E, 1756-L85E

ControlLogix Conformal Coated Catalog Numbers: 1756-L71K, 1756-L72K, 1756-L73K, 1756-L74K, 1756-L75K, 1756-L81EK, 1756-L82EK, 1756-L83EK, 1756-L84EK, 1756-L85EK

No Stored Energy (NSE) Catalog Numbers: 1756-L81E-NSE, 1756-L82E-NSE, 1756-L83E-NSE, 1756-L84E-NSE, 1756-L85E-NSE

ControlLogix-XT Catalog Numbers: 1756-L73XT, 1756-L81EXT, 1756-L82EXT, 1756-L83EXT, 1756-L84EXT, 1756-L85EXT

Process Catalog Numbers: 1756-L81EP, 1756-L83EP, 1756-L85EP

GuardLogix Controller Catalog Numbers: 1756-L61S, 1756-L62S, 1756-L63S, 1756-LSP, 1756-L71S, 1756-L72S, 1756-L73S, 1756-L7SP, 1756-L73SXT, 1756-L7SPXT, 1756-L81ES, 1756-L82ES, 1756-L83ES, 1756-L84ES, 1756-L8SP

GuardLogix Conformal Coated Catalog Numbers: 1756-L71SK, 1756-L72SK, 1756-L73SK, 1756-L7SPK, 1756-L81ESK, 1756-L82ESK, 1756-L83ESK, 1756-L84ESK, 1756-L8SPK

Armor™ ControlLogix Catalog Numbers: 1756-L72EROM, 1756-L73EROM

Armor™ GuardLogix® Catalog Numbers: 1756-L72EROMS, 1756-L73EROMS

ControlLogix Redundancy Modules Catalog Numbers: 1756-RM2, 1756-RM2K, 1756-RM2XT

ControlLogix Controllers 

The ControlLogix® controller provides a scalable controller solution that is capable of addressing many I/O points. You can place the ControlLogix controller into any slot of a ControlLogix I/O chassis, and install multiple controllers in the same chassis. 

ControlLogix controllers can monitor and control I/O across the ControlLogix backplane, and over network links. 

The ControlLogix 5580 controllers have an embedded Ethernet port for a direct connection to Ethernet-enabled devices and networks, and also support communication interface modules in the local chassis. To provide communication for ControlLogix 5570 or ControlLogix 5560 controllers, install the appropriate communication interface module into the local chassis. 

The ControlLogix 5580 No Stored Energy (NSE) controllers are intended for use in applications that require the installed controller to deplete its residual stored energy to specific levels before transporting it into or out of your application. ControlLogix 5580 and ControlLogix 5570 controllers are available with a conformal coating that adds a layer of protection when exposed to harsh, corrosive environments. Products with a conformal coating have a ‘K’ suffix at the end of the catalog number.

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