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Johnson controls NAE55 Catalog Network
Source:Johnson controls | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2022-10-25 | 126 Views | Share:

The NAE55 is a specific series of network engine that performs a key role in the Metasys system architecture. Network engines provide network management and system-wide control and coordination over one or more Metasys equipment controller networks, that include the following series: 

• CG series General Purpose Application Equipment Controllers 

• CV series VAV Box Controllers 

• FAC and FEC series Field Equipment Controllers 

• VMA series VAV Box Controllers 

• TEC series Terminal Equipment Controllers 

• LN series Equipment Controllers 

• Legacy Metasys controllers, such as Unitary (UNT) controllers, Variable Air Volume Assembly (VMA14xx) controllers, and DX-9100 controllers 

• Third-party equipment controllers

MS-NAE5510-2U, MS-NAE5510-3, MS-NAE5510-3U, MS-NAE5520-3