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GE Grid Solutions Hydran M2-X
Source:GE | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2022-09-13 | 213 Views | Share:

Proven Technology

• Field proven solution, delivering online DGA

solutions for over 40 years

• Over 50,000 Hydran units sold worldwide

• Estimated sensor life in excess of 10 years*


• Compatible with various transformer oil types

(standard mineral insulating oils and newer

natural and synthetic ester based fluids)

• Available with the traditional Hydran

composite gas (H2, CO, C₂H₂, C₂H₄) sensor or

with a discrete Hydrogen only (H2) sensor

• Easily upgradable in the field to accept

analogue signals to monitor other key

transformer parameters

• Computation of winding hot spot and other

IEEE transformer models for enhanced

diagnostics of the transformer’s condition

(depending on sensors installed)

• Integrates with Kelman multi-gas DGA devices


• Easy to install on a single existing transformer

valve, often without an outage required

• Integrated display and keypad for simplified

local user interaction and data visualization

• Built-in moisture sensor provides water in oil

measurement, critical to identifying paper

degradation and leaking gaskets

• Compatible with GE’s acclaimed Perception™

software to download, trend and analyze

transformer health data

Enhanced Monitoring with Extended Sensor Life

When a transformer’s insulation system is overstressed, the oil and paper undergo chemical

degradation producing both hydro-carbon gases and moisture that dissolve into the insulating oil. This

increased ageing will shorten the transformer’s life, impact its reliability and in some cases can even

lead to catastrophic failures.

The Hydran M2-X is the next generation of the field-proven family of Hydran DGA monitoring solutions.

It provides continuous monitoring of gas and moisture levels to alert users of developing faults and

minimize the risk of unplanned outages. The M2-X builds on GE’s strong domain expertise to deliver an

optimized, low maintenance monitoring device with an extended sensor life.

Key Benefits

• Small form factor, no moving parts, low maintenance, and support for APM software analytics,

enabling fleet level deployments

• Condition monitoring for a wide range of transformers with mineral insulating oils or ester based

fluids (natural and synthetic)

• Extending beyond DGA monitoring, through the connection of sensors, the Hydran M2-X can monitor

other parameters such as top oil temperature, load current and through the use of IEEE based

mathematical models, can provide further insight on changing transformer conditions

• Providing critical transformer gas behavior data for Asset Performance Management (APM)

strategies, facilitating planning of site intervention and maintenance activities

• Supports a wide range of communication methods and protocols to enable easy and secure

integration with GE's digital platforms including Perception™ transformer fleet management

software, DS Agile substation HMI, PREDIX™, and other APM software tools, historians and SCADA



Advanced, flexible and expandable DGA monitoring solution tailored for utility and industrial


Easily integrates with Kelman multi-gas DGA devices and the Multilin 845 protection & control

relay to provide continuous synchronization of chemical and electrical measurements for enhanced

transformer monitoring.


Fuel cell type sensor behind a gas permeable membrane in

contact with transformer insulating oil

Range 25-2000 ppm (volume/volume H₂


Accuracy** ±10% of reading ±25 ppm

Response time 10 minutes (90% of step change)

"Composite Gas" Sensor

Relative sensitivity H₂: 100% of concentration

CO: 15 ± 4 % of concentration

C₂H₂: 8 ± 2 % of concentration

C₂H₄: 1.5 ± 0.5 % of concentration

Repeatability highest of ±5% of reading or ±5 ppm

"Discrete H2" Gas Sensor (Mineral oil only)

Relative sensitivity H₂: 100% of concentration

Interference from CO, C2H2 and C2H4

less than 3% of concentration

Repeatability highest of ±5% of reading or ±10 ppm

Moisture Sensor

Thin film capacitive type sensor immersed in insulting oil

Range 0-100% RH

Accuracy ± 2% RH

Repeatability ± 2% RH



Backlit LCD, 128 x 64 pixels

Keypad to setup unit and acknowledge alarms


Standard RS-232 port (DB-9 connector), for local connection to

computer for configuring the system

Standard RS-485 (terminal block), isolated to 2000Vac RMS, for

remote communication or connection to local Hydran network

Optional: Ethernet or Fiber Optic over TCP/IP


Standard: Modbus®, DNP 3.0

Optional: IEC 61850 over TCP/IP


Gas and Moisture Alert (Hi), Gas and Moisture Alarm (HiHi),

System Alarms

Gas alarms can be set on gas level reached or on hourly or daily

trend (gas level rate of change)

Moisture alarms can be set on level reached or average level

Alarms can also be configured for optional additional analogue

inputs or for calculation results from optional transformer models

5 dry contact relays (type C, SPDT), NO/NC, 3A@250Vac resistive

load, 3A@30Vdc resistive load

Manual Sampling

Easily accessible external oil sampling port, for use with glass

syringe with Luer stopcock



Operating ambient


-40°C to +55°C (-40°F to +131°F)

Operating ambient


0-95% RH, non-condensing

Oil temperature at


-40°C to +105°C (-40°F to +221°F) with

finned heat sink adapter option

Oil pressure at valve 0-700KPa (0-100psi)

Vacuum resistant sensor

Enclosure Rating

NEMA Type 4X certified, meets requirements of IP56

Power Requirements

90–132 Vac or 180–264 Vac switch mode universal power supply,

47–63 Hz, 650VA max


Has a 1.5” NPT male thread, can mount on 1.5” NPT valve or

greater using optional adapters

Dimensions 315 x 219 x 196 mm

12.4 x 8.63 x 7.72 "

Installed weight 7.5Kg (16.5lb)

Shipping weight 9.0Kg (20lb)


Finned heat sink adapter (1.5”) for use when ambient temp >

40°C (104°F) or oil temp > 90°C (194°F).

Valve adaptors 2” to 1.5”

Transformer models calculations (for mineral oil only)

Analogue input cards, 4-20mA, 10V load max, isolated to

2000Vac RMS

Dual digital input cards for dry contacts, internal wetting 24Vdc,

isolated 2000Vac

Analogue output cards, 4-20mA, 10V load max, isolated to

2000Vac RMS

PSTN analogue modem V92/56K

GSM/GPRS wireless modem

Network Ethernet communication using copper (RJ-45) or

multimode fiber optic (ST)

Oil temperature sensor, magnetic mount, (4-20mA)

Split core load CT (4-20mA)

Ambient temperature sensor (4-20mA)