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YOKOGAWA FCN Autonomous Controller Hardware (FCN-500)
Source:YOKOGAWA | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2022-09-06 | 242 Views | Share:
YOKOGAWA FCN Autonomous Controller Hardware (FCN-500)


This document describes the general specifications

of the FCN autonomous controller with NFCP501/

NFCP502 CPU module. (FCN is an acronym for field

control node.)

Notation in this document:

• The term “FCN” refers to the module consisting type

autonomous controllers.

• The term “FCN-500” refers to the autonomous

controllers with NFCP501/NFCP502 CPU module.

For Function, refer to FCN Autonomous Controller

Functions (FCN-500), GS 34P02Q03-01E.


• High-performance, high-reliability modular controller

• Memory with ECC

• Low heat dissipation eliminates the need for a fan

• A wealth of RAS features — CPU self-diagnostics, temperature monitoring, I/O diagnostics, and more

• The CPU, power supply module, internal communication bus on backboard (SB bus), E2 bus (extension bus), and

control network (Ethernet port 1 and 2) can all be duplexed, and all modules are hot-swappable. Use a couple of the

CPU module of the same type to make the CPU module duplex configuration.

• Can function as link active schedulers (LASs) for low-speed voltage mode (H1) FOUNDATION Fieldbus segments,

and link up FOUNDATION Fieldbus-enabled field devices.


An FCN-500 consists of the following:

• Base module

• Power supply module

• CPU module

• E2 bus interface module (extending the unit) (*1)

• SB bus repeat module (extending the SB bus to connect an extension unit) (*1)

• I/O modules

*1: SB bus repeat module and E2 bus interface module can not be used together.

There are four types of base module.

- NFBU200 base module (long): Control unit and extension unit sharing,

duplexed power supply possibility

- N2BU051 base module (short): Control unit and extension unit sharing

- NFBU050 base module (short): Control unit only, for low power

- N2BU030 base module (compact): Control unit and extension unit sharing

Control unit alone

The control unit is unit with CPU module. The maximum number of I/O modules that can be implemented depends on

the type of base module and the number of CPUs.

Maximum I/O Module Configurations

Base Module                         Unit Configuration              Standard Duplexed (*1)

NFBU200 base module (long) Control unit alone Max. 8 modules Max. 6 modules

N2BU051 base module (short) Control unit alone Max. 3 modules Not applicable (*2)

NFBU050 base module (short) Control unit alone Max. 3 modules Not applicable (*2)

N2BU030 base module (compact) Control unit alone Max. 1 module Not applicable (*2)