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ABB REG216,REG216 CompactREC216 Control Unit
Source:ABB | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2022-06-09 | 402 Views | Share:

REG216,REG216 CompactREC216

Numerical Generator ProtectionNumerical Control Unit

• Modular hardware 

• Selectable protection functions 

• Multitude of applications 

• Menu-assisted setting with PC 

• Fully numerical signal processing 

• Continuous self-monitoring of hardware 

• Cyclical testing routines mostly performed by the software 

• Setting of parameters and recording of the settings by PC 

• Display of measured values 

• Display of events, their acknowledgment and printout 

• Disturbance recording 

• Self-documentation 

• Long-term stability 

• Communication and coordination with station control 

• Two design versions available; REG216 / REG216 Classic.

The REG216 is intended for the protection of generators and block transformers. The modular hardware and software design allows an extremely flexible installation. Simplicity of adaption to the size of the primary system and the desired protection schemes are achieved through the combination of a software library and hardware modules. Economic solutions can thus be achieved in the full range of applications for which it is intended. The REG216 software system offers a library of protective functions. Functions suitable for generator and transformer protection are listed in the table below. Different degrees of redundancy can be selected. Availability and reliability of the protection can be chosen to suit the application by duplicating e.g. auxiliary supply units of the whole system. Standard interfaces make REG216 compatible with different process control systems. Data exchange with higher process control levels are possible, e.g. one-way reporting of digital states and events, measured values and protection parameters. REG216 and REG216 Classic differ with regard to the binary process connection: - REG216 uses the E/A-module 216GD61a. - The REG216 Classic uses the modules 216GE61 / 216GA61 and 216GA62.

Numerical protection equipment used for generator and block transformer protection. It will be a stand-alone system but closely involved in the process. Parameters, signals, measured values as well as remote parameter regulation commands will be exchanged via appropriate interfaces and a serial communications channel to central process control equipment. The system will be supported by a software library of diverse protection functions. A menu-driven HMI (human machine interface) will allow users to activate functions which are provided in the protection function library. The entire protective system will consist of a relatively small number of hardware components. This applies not only to the electronic units, but also to the process interfaces, such as current and voltage inputs as well as the numbers of signal and tripping relays. This flexibility resulting from the modular hardware will enable the equipment configuration to be easily adapted for installations of different sizes and the desired scope of protection. The system will permit various degrees of redundancy. The user can specify the desired configuration:

• duplicating power supply unit • duplicating the whole system. Additional benefits considered are wide setting ranges, excellent long-term stability and few setting steps. The numerical system should offer a library of the available protective functions. These functions will then be selected by the user by the simple assignment of parameters. All protection functions should operate from sampled primary system voltages and currents. The sampling rate of the analog input units should be 12 times per period at rated power system frequency with a dynamic range of 15 bit. The man-machine communication should be performed easily using only a few push button commands on a personal computer (PC) via a serial RS 232 interface. No prior knowledge of programming should be necessary. For all functions the user is guided with the aid of screen menus and windows. All different languages for texts could be supplied. Any text change is accommodated easily. All the hardware components should be packaged in a single cabinet. This cubicle can also accommodate other protection relays with external functions, for example 100% stator earth fault protection, Buchholz relay or some thermal sensors.

Data Sheet RESP 97 - Cubicles for Electronic Installations 1MRB520115-Ben 

Operating Instructions REG216 (printed) 1 MDU02005-EN / 1KHA000951-UEN 

Operating Instructions REG216 (CD) 1MRB260030M0001 

Reference List REG216 1MRB520011-Ren 

Data Sheet REX010/011 1MRB520123-Ben