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ABB AC 800M hardware
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AC 800M hardware platform can be programmed to perform multiple functions, depending

on the specific unit configuration and operating system selected.

The hardware units which form the AC 800M Controller are:

• Processor units (including base plates)

• Communication interfaces for different protocols (including base plates)

• Power supply units, providing various power output levels

• Battery back-up unit

• For High Integrity systems control applications with AC 800M HI, special module

SM812, is needed

Once configured, the AC 800M hardware platform effectively becomes the AC 800M


Equipped with the specified Control Software, the AC 800M Controller can be used for

all kinds of process and industrial automation applications. With Control Software, the

controller can act either as a stand alone process controller or as a controller, performing

local control tasks, in a control network consisting of many interconnected computers.

The AC 800M Controller is delivered without firmware. To provide the controller with

Control Software, it will first be necessary to load the firmware and create

the application separately by using the Control Builder interface.

The major features of the AC 800M are:

•High performance and large application memory.

•Extensive availability.

•CPU redundancy (PM858/PM861/PM862/PM864/PM865/PM866/PM867/PM891).

•AC 800M High Safety Integrity Level 2 certified using PM865/SM810/SM811 or PM867/SM812.

•AC 800M High Safety Integrity Level 3 certified using PM865/SM811 or PM867/SM812.

•Built-in redundant Ethernet channels.

•Built-in RS-232C channels.

•Sectioned CEX-Bus using a pair of BC810 / BC820.

•Quick and simple fault-finding with the aid of LEDs on each unit / channel.

•Built-in battery back-up of memory (except for PM891).

•External battery back-up.

•Use of industry standard power supply voltage - 24V d.c.

•Easy mounting on standard DIN rail.

•IP20 Class protection without the requirement for enclosures.

•Incorporation of a wide variety of communication possibilities.

•Hardware based on standards for optimum communication connectivity (Ethernet, PROFIBUS DP).

•Support for PROFIBUS DP fieldbus.

•Support for FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

•Support for Advant Fieldbus 100.

•Support for Modbus TCP.

•Support for Field Device Tool (FDT) and Device Type Manager (DTM) concept for tool routing of HART instruments.

•Support for connection to INSUM via Gateway (Ethernet/LON).

•Support for IEC 61850.

•Support for PROFINET IO.

•Support for EtherNet/IP.

•Support for connection to S100 I/O.

•Support for connection to Satt I/O.

•Support for TRIO/Genius.

•Support for Genius remote I/O discrete, analog and high-speed counter blocks.

•Support for ABB Drives via PROFIBUS, ModuleBus and DriveBus.

•Support for connection to MasterBus 300.

•Full EMC certification.

•Selected units UL certified (UL508 as open equipment, and for hazardous locations according to UL60079-15 (Class 1 Zone 2)).

PM851 is equivalent to PM856 unless stated otherwise.

PM861A, PM864A, PM866A are equivalent to PM861, PM864 and PM866 respectively, unless stated otherwise.

The processor unit (except PM891) consists of two parts:

•Processor unit, PM851/PM851A/PM856/PM856A/PM858/PM860/PM860A/PM861/

PM861A/PM862/PM864/PM864A/PM865/PM866/PM866A/PM867, equipped with power supply and CPU-boards

There are several methods of connecting I/O systems to the AC 800M Controller:

•S100 I/O via CI856.

•S800 I/O units via the ModuleBus. Support for hot configuration during run, redundancy on all levels, HART routing, and Sequence-of-Events (SOE).

•S800 I/O units via CI854/CI854A/CI854B and CI840, PROFIBUS DP. Support for HART routing, redundancy on all levels, and hot configuration during run.

•S800 I/O units via CI854/CI854A/CI854B and CI801, PROFIBUS DP. Support for HART routing, and hot configuration during run.

•S900 I/O units via CI854/CI854A/CI854B, PROFIBUS DP.

•ABB Drives can be connected to the ModuleBus, via CI801. Some Drives equipment can be connected directly to PROFIBUS or PROFINET IO. Please refer to Drives-specific documentation for more information.

•Genius remote I/O (TRIO) via the CI862.

•Satt I/O on ControlNet (19” Satt rack I/O, S200 I/O and S200L I/O) via the CI865.