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1756-ENBT EtherNet/IP Network
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1756-ENBT EtherNet/IP Network

The Ethernet Industrial (EtherNet/IP) network protocol is an open industrial-networking standard that supports both real-time I/O messaging and message exchange. The EtherNet/IP network uses off-the-shelf Ethernet communication chips and physical media.

Control I/O modules and drives Act as an adapter for I/O on remote EtherNet/IP links Communicate with other EtherNet/IP devices (messages and HMI) Bridge EtherNet/IP links to route messages to devices on other networks

Connections :

TCP 64   CIP  128

CIP Unconnected Messages (backplane + Ethernet):

64 + 64

RSLogix 5000® Software Version:8.02.00 or later

RSLinx® Software Version:2.30 or later

EtherNet/IP communication rate:10/100 Mbps

Current draw @ 5.1V DC 700 mA

Chassis:1756-A4, 1756-A7, 1756-A10, 1756-A13, 1756-A17

Power supply, standard:1756-PA72, 1756-PA75, 1756-PB72, 1756-PB75, 1756-PC75, 1756-PH75