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1756 ControlLogix Communication Modules Specifications
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1756 ControlLogix Communication Modules Specifications

Catalog Numbers Standard ControlLogix Catalog Numbers: 1756-CN2, 1756-CN2R, 1756-CNB, 1756-CNBR, 1756-DNB, 1756-DHRIO, 1756-DH485, 1756-EN2F, 1756-EN2T, 1756-EN2TP, 1756-EN2TR, 1756-EN3TR, 1756-EN4TR, 1756-ENBT, 1756-EWEB, 1756-RIO, 1756-SYNCH, 1756-TIME 

ControlLogix 1756 Communication Module Conformal Coated Catalog Numbers: 1756-CN2RK, 1756-EN2FK, 1756-EN2TK, 1756-EN2TPK, 1756-EN2TRK, 1756-EN4TRK, 1756-ENBTK, 1756-TIMEK 

ControlLogix Extended Environment Module Catalog Numbers: 1756-CN2RXT, 1756-DHRIOXT, 1756-EN2TPXT, 1756-EN2TXT, 1756-EN2TRXT, 1756-EN4TRXT

A ControlLogix® system uses connections to establish communication links between devices. The types of connections include the following: • Controller-to-local I/O modules or local communication modules 

• Controller-to-remote I/O or remote communication modules 

• Controller-to-remote I/O (rack-optimized) modules 

• Produced and consumed tags 

• Messages 

• Controller access with the Studio 5000® environment 

• Controller access with RSLinx® software for HMI or other applications