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ABB EasyLine EL3000 Continuous Gas Analyzers
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ABB EasyLine EL3000 Continuous Gas Analyzers 

Measuring technology (analyzers) The following analyzers are available for selection: 

 Uras26 infrared photometer for the measurement of infrared-active gas components e.g. CO, NO, SO2 

 Limas23 ultraviolet photometer for the measurement of NO, NO2 and SO2 

 Magnos206 oxygen analyzer for the measurement of O2 in process gas or in N2 

 Magnos27 oxygen analyzer for the measurement of O2 in flue gas or in N2 

 ZO23 trace oxygen analyzer for the measurement of O2 in pure gases (N2, CO2, Ar) 

 Caldos27 thermal conductivity analyzer for the measurement of binary gas mixtures with different thermal conductivity e.g. Ar in O2, H2 in Ar, CH4 in N2  Fidas24 flame-ionization detector for the measurement of hydrocarbons 

 Electrochemical oxygen sensor for the measurement of O2 Magnos206 can also be used in combination with Uras26 or Limas23. Magnos27 and Caldos27 can also be used in combination with Uras26. Fidas24 and ZO23 cannot be used in combination with one of the other analyzers. Only one ZO23 can be installed in the gas analyzer. The electrochemical oxygen sensor can only be used in combination with Uras26 or Limas23. Two electrochemical oxygen sensors can be used in combination with Uras26 with separate gas paths (only in model EL3020). Each analyzer has one physical measurement range per sample component. A section of the physical measurement range can be mapped to the current output (analog output) by on-site configuration. Calibration is always executed in the physical measurement range. The permissible measurement range limits are given by the specification of the smallest and largest measurement ranges for the individual analyzers. A total of up to five measurement components can be measured with one gas analyzer.

Version for measurement of flammable gases In the version with gas lines and connectors made of stainless steel the gas analyzer (Models EL3020 and EL3040) with Uras26, Magnos206, Caldos27 and ZO23 (concentration max. 100 ppm) is suitable for measuring flammable gases in general purpose environment. In model EL3040, housing purge with nitrogen (ZO23: with air) must be provided. The positive pressure in the sample gas feed path may not exceed a maximum value of 100 hPa in normal operation and a maximum value of 500 hPa in the event of a fault. The special requirements must be observed (see operator’s manual).

Display and operation Display Backlit graphics display with 240 x 160-pixel resolution Measured value display 

– Numerical value with physical unit, also with bar graph indication in single display 

– Resolution better than 0.2 % of the measurement span 

– Simultaneous display of up to 5 measured values 

– Flow: bar graph indication 

Status display 

Symbols in the display; the active status messages can be accessed directly from the measured value display Operation 

5 keys (cursor cross and OK); menu-assisted operation 

Concept of operation 

The functions required in normal operation are operated and configured directly on the gas analyzer. 

The functions which are only seldom required, e.g. during start-up, are configured offline using the configuration software ECT (“EasyLine Configuration Tool” on the enclosed CD-ROM) and then loaded into the gas analyzer. Measuring range switch-over and feedback There are three ways of executing the measuring range switchover: – Manually on the gas analyzer 

– Automatically (autorange) by means of appropriate configured switch-over thresholds 

– Externally controlled via appropriately configured digital inputs. 

The measuring range feedback can be implemented via appropriately configured digital outputs; it is independent of the selected type of measuring range switch-over. The gas analyzer is set ex works to measuring range 2 and to manual measuring range switch-over. Limit value monitoring Limit values can be set using the configuration software ECT. The limit value signals (alarms) are output via digital outputs.