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PanelView1000e 1200e and1400e OperatorTerminals
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the keypad terminal has:

•21 user-definable function keys

•a keypad for entering numeric values

•up, down, left, and right arrow keys

•Home, Enter, Select, Cancel, Raise, Lower, and Backspace keysThe user-definable function keys on keypad terminals are pre-labeledat the factory, but you can create key labels (legends) to suit yourapplication. 

The replacement key legends slide in from the rear ofthe faceplate. The Legend Kit, included with your shipment,provides blank card material that accepts most types of markers orpaste-on labels.

2711E-T10C6, 2711E-K10C6,2711E-T10C7, 2711E-K10C7,2711E-T10C15, 2711E-K10C15,2711E-K12C6, 

2711E-K12C6L2,2711E-T12C6, 2711E-T12C4,2711E-T14C6, 2711E-K14C6,

2711E-T14C7,  2711E-K14C7,2711E-T14C15, 2711E-K14C15