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GE Mark VIe Integrated Control Solutions
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GE's distributed control system solutions are easily adapted to the constantly evolving requirements of industries such as power generation, oil and gas, and chemical processing

A proven solution GE brings decades of domain expertise to the Mark VIe Distributed Control Solution. The Mark series of controllers has earned a reputation for superior running reliability in thousands of power generation and infrastructure systems installed globally. These proven philosophies are at the heart of the integrated Mark VIe Distributed Control Solution. As a global leader in automation and control, GE provides cyber security management as an inherent feature of the Mark VIe control family. It assists with the implementation of an effective security policy to ensure system confidentiality, integrity, availability, and providing real-time change monitoring and audit capabilities. The proven and reliable Mark VIe control platform helps keep operations safe and secure through: 

• Connected: 100% Ethernet at all levels 

• Flexible: Distributed or centralized I/O 

• Scalable: Designed to accommodate evolving systems and applications

 • Reliable: Configure for simplex, dual, or triple redundant operation 

• High Performance: Local process on each module, computing power grows as system expands 

• Rugged: Hardware rated up to 65°C 

Mark VIe controller 

At the heart of the Mark VIe system is the controller that includes the main processor and triplicated Ethernet drivers to communicate with networked I/O, and additional Ethernet drivers for the control network. A set of two or three controllers can be used to provide dual or TMR control. The control logic can be programmed in a combination of function block diagrams (FBD), and relay ladder logic (RLD). A real-time operating system executes this control logic and interfaces with the I/O system. In each frame, the online controllers read data from the input modules, write data to the output modules, and synchronize variables between controllers in a dual or TMR configuration.

Mark VIe I/O modules

Mark VIe I/O modules have three common components: a termination block for field wiring, a terminal board, and I/O pack(s). Modules are DIN rail mounted. Wide gauge wiring eliminates marshalling and lowers costs. Each I/O pack contains two IONet ports and a local processor with a real-time clock synchronized for 1ms time-stamping in the sequence-of-events (SOE) function available on all discrete inputs and outputs. This feature allows customers to select SOE with the click of a button, without the complexity and expense of dedicated SOE hardware. I/O diagnostics and voting are performed at the pack level. Simplex I/O modules have one I/O pack mounted on the terminal board; TMR I/O modules have three I/O packs mounted to a common terminal board. I/O redundancy is a single selection during hardware configuration, and is transparent to the application code.

IO network (IONet) 

The IO network is a dedicated, full duplex, point-to-point protocol. It supports a deterministic, 100 MB communications network suitable for local and/or distributed I/O modules. IONet switches are a GE design, incorporating extreme environmental capability with superior performance. Standard network protocols such as Profinet, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus can be seamlessly integrated into the Mark VIe system.

 Virtual Mark VIe controller 

For training and validation, simulation of the process and associated control can be invaluable. The Virtual Mark VIe provides a virtual, PC-based form of the controller supporting: 

• Execution of application program 

• Communication interface with ToolboxST application 

• Ethernet Global Data (EGD) services 

• Process alarm management


IS420YDASS1A 处理器


IS421UCSCS2A 处理器


IS420 UCSBH1A 600MHz处理器

IS420 UCSBH3A 1200MHz处理器

IS200TBCIS1C 24 discrete inputs (125 V dc, group isolated) 

IS200TBCIS2C 24 discrete inputs (24 V dc, group isolated)

IS200TBCIS3C 24 discrete inputs (48 V dc, group isolated) 

IS200STCIS1A, S2A 24 discrete inputs (24 V dc, group isolated) 

IS200STCIS4A 24 discrete inputs (48 V dc, group isolated) 

IS200STCIS6A 24 discrete inputs (125 V dc, group isolated) 

IS200TRLYS1B 12 Form C mechanical relays w/ 6 solenoids, coil diagnostics

IS200TRLYS1D 6 Form A mechanical relays for solenoids, solenoid impedance


IS200TRLYS1F 36 mechanical relays, 12 voted form A 

IS200TRLYS2F 36 mechanical relays, 12 voted form B

IS200SRLYS1A, S2A 12 Form C mechanical relays-dry contacts

IS200SRSAS1A, S3A Two banks of 5 channels each, for 10 total relay outputs 

IS200TVBAS1A, S2A 8 vibration or position, 4 position only, 1 reference (Keyphasor*


IS200TBAIS1C 10 analog inputs (V and I) and 2 analog outputs 4-20 mA 

IS200STAIS1A, S2A 10 analog inputs (V and I) and 2 analog outputs 4-20 mA 

IS200SHRAS1A, S2A 10 analog inputs (V and I) and 2 analog outputs 4-20 mA, HART®capable 

IS200TBTCS1B 12 thermocouples

IS200TBTCS1C 24 thermocouples (12 per I/O pack) 

IS200STTCS1A, S2A 12 thermocouples 

IS200TTURS1C Mixed I/O: 4 speed inputs/ pack

IS200TRPAS1A Speed inputs, trip outputs at 24 V dc, E-Stop 

IS200TRPAS2A Speed inputs, trip outputs at 125 V dc, E-Stop 

IS200TRPGS1B Primary trip – Gas, flame detector inputs 3 (through TTUR/YTUR)

IS200TRPGS2B Primary trip – Gas, flame detector inputs 1 (through TTUR/YTUR)

IS200TREGS1B Backup trip at 125 V dc, E-Stop 3 (through SPRO/YPRO)

IS200TREGS2B Backup trip at 24 V dc, E-Stop 3 (through SPRO/YPRO)

IS200TREAS1A Mixed I/O: 3 speed inputs, trip contacts at 24 V dc

IS200TREAS2A Mixed I/O: 3 speed inputs, trip contacts at 125 V dc

IS200TREAS3A Mixed I/O: 3 speed inputs, trip contacts at 24 V dc

IS200TREAS4A Mixed I/O: 3 speed inputs, trip contacts at 125 V dc

IS200SPROS1A Mixed I/O: 3 speed inputs, trip contacts

IS200TCDMS1A 21 dynamic pressure inputs, CCSA or PCB charge amplifier