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MOTOROLA MVME 5500 12967-1/13000C PC
Source: | Author:Make | Published time: 2022-02-15 | 671 Views | Share:

 MOTOROLA  MVME 5500 12967-1/13000C PC

The Emerson Network Power MVME5500 series is designed to meet the needs of OEMs including those in defense and aerospace, industrial automation and medical imaging market segments. Customers looking for a technology refresh for their application while maintaining backward compatibility with their existing VMEbus infrastructure can upgrade to the MVME5500 series and take advantage of the enhanced performance features. 

The MVME5500 utilizes the MPC7457 processor running at 1 GHz, which is ideal for data intensive applications. The MVME5500 provides more than just better processor performance; it also provides balanced performance from the processor, memory, dual independent local buses and I/O subsystems. 

The powerful Marvell system controller, with support for a 133 MHz host bus and a 133 MHz SDRAM memory bus, is well matched to the high speed processor. To match the system I/O to the outstanding processor performance, the MVME5500 provides dual 64-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI buses. Each PCI bus has a PMC site supporting cards running at 33 or 66 MHz. The Universe II VME interface and PMCspan connector are isolated from the PMC sites on a dedicated 33 MHz PCI bus segment so that both PMC sites are capable of 66 MHz operation. 

The MVME5500 also offers a Gigabit Ethernet interface, a 10/100BaseTX Ethernet interface and two serial ports. All of this adds up to a set of well-balanced, high-performance subsystems for unparalleled performance.

The MVME5500 is the flagship of our VME product line that enables higher levels of performance in a single VMEbus slot 

MPC7457 PowerPC® processor at 1 GHz 

512KB of on-chip L2 cache and 2MB of L3 cache 

AltiVec coprocessor for highperformance computational applications 

512MB of on-board 133 MHz SDRAM ECC memory and 512MB additional memory via a memory mezzanine card for a total of 1GB of memory 

Two banks of soldered flash memory (32MB and 8MB) 

Dual independent 64-bit PCI buses and PMC sites with a bus speed of up to 66 MHz 

Gigabit Ethernet interface plus an additional 10/100BaseTX Ethernet interface 

64-bit PCI expansion mezzanine connector allowing up to four more PMCs 

I/O compatibility with MVME51xx family 

Single VME slot even when fully configured with two PMC modules or one PMC module and an add-on memory mezzanine 

Support for processor PMCs (PrPMCs)

Part Number Description MVME55006E-0161 1 GHz MPC7457 PowerPC processor, 512MB SDRAM, Scanbe handles 6E 

MVME55006E-0163 1 GHz MPC7457 PowerPC processor, 512MB SDRAM, IEEE handles 6E

RAM55006E-007 512MB memory mezzanine expansion card

IPMC7126E-001 Multifunction rear I/O PMC module; 8-bit SCSI, Ultra Wide SCSI, one parallel port, three async and one sync/async serial ports 5E 

IPMC7616E-002 Universal IPMC761 for MVME5XXX & MVME6100 6E 

MVME712M6E Transition module with one DB-25 sync/async serial port, three DB-25 async serial port, one AUI connector, one D-36 parallel port, and one 50-pin 8-bit SCSI; includes 3-row DIN P2 adapter board and cable 5E 

MVME7616E-001 Multifunction rear I/O PMC module; 8-bit SCSI, one parallel port, two async and two sync/async serial ports. Transition module with two DB-9 async serial port connectors, two HD-26 sync/ async serial port connectors, one HD-36 parallel port connector, one RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet connector; includes 3-row DIN P2 adapter board and cable (for 8-bit SCSI) 5E 

MVME7616E-011 Transition module with two DB-9 async serial port connectors, two HD-26 sync/async serial port connectors, one HD-36 parallel port connector, one RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet connector; includes 5-row DIN P2 adapter board and cable (for 16-bit SCSI); requires backplane with 5-row DIN connectors 5E 

PMCSPAN16E-002 Primary PMCSPAN-002 with original VME Scanbe ejector handles 5E 

PMCSPAN16E-010 Secondary PMCSPAN-010 with original VME Scanbe ejector handles 5E