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Honeywell Next-Generation Safety Management System
Source:Honeywell | Author:Make | Published time: 2022-01-12 | 738 Views | Share:

Honeywell Next-Generation Safety Management System

The Honeywell Safety Manager™ is a highly reliable, high-integrity safety system for safety-critical control applications. As part of Honeywell’s Experion™ PKS, integrated into PlantScape, or in stand-alone applications, Safety Manager forms the basis for functional safety, thus providing protection of persons, plant equipment, and the environment, combined with optimum availability for continuous plant operation. 

Safety Manager is a user-programmable, modular, microprocessor-based safety system, which can perform a wide range of high-integrity process control and safety instrumented functions, including: 

• High-integrity process control, 

• Burner/boiler management systems, 

• Process safeguarding and emergency shutdown, 

• Turbine and compressor safeguarding, 

• Fire and gas detection systems, and 

• Pipeline monitoring.

Improves business results

Safety Manager™ is the natural evolution of the current proven in use Fail Safe Controller (FSC®) safety system platform, which has gained global acceptance for more than 15 years. It embeds proven technology with two decades of Honeywell process safety management expertise in integrating process safety data, applications, system diagnostics and critical control strategies. Safety Manager is designed to improve a company’s business results by fundamentally enhancing process safety and protecting plant assets and people. Through tight integration with Experion™ Process Knowledge System (PKS), safety systems are unified into one single safety system architecture, assuring a unique opportunity to improve both safety and availability of processes. Experion PKS provides unprecedented connectivity through all levels of process and business operations and optimizes work processes, improves routine maintenance efficiencies, enhances safety management, and releases personnel from manual processes.

Built on QMR technology

Safety Manager™ is based on the unique and field proven Quadruple Modular Redundant (QMR™) diagnostic based technology with a 2oo4D architecture. QMR enhances system flexibility, increases diagnostic messaging capabilities and improves system fault tolerance for critical applications. It enables the handling of multiple system faults within Safety Manager, matching the needs of critical control applications. Additionally Safety Manager provides the basis for integrating SIL (safety integrity level) rated sensors and valve actuators in the field ensuring that your safety instrumented functions are well in place to protect complex and hazardous processes. Whether it is integrating SIL1-2 safety transmitters (ST3000 and STT250) or safety valve positioners for improved safety and field asset management, Safety Manager is the ideal enabler for your Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).


• Improved engineering and design efficiency – designing safety networks has never been easier 

• Improved system reliability and robustness – through rigorous Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) process and the IEC 61508 development criteria 

• Improved process availability – applying the proven-in-use QMR technology allows uninterrupted process operation in case of any system degradation 

• Improved operation and maintenance performance – through unification of critical process data and information with the process control information, allowing single window access for operation and maintenance

• Protection of investments – Safety Manager™ allows and supports migration of FSC to the latest QMR safety technology 

• Compliance to safety standards – with all SIL3 safety compliance tools, hardware and software, Safety Manager provides excellent protection for safety applications across multiple industries throughout the lifetime of an installation

Quad Processor Pack (QPP) QPP-0001 

Enhanced Performance Quad Processor Pack (QPP) QPP-0002 

Universal Interface Module (USI) USI-0001 

Battery and Key-switch Module (BKM) BKM-0001 

24 Vdc to 5 Vdc DC/DC converter, 16 A PSU-240516

System Power supply Input 115/230VAC Output 24Vdc, 50A FC-PSU-UNI2450 

System Power supply Input 115/230VAC Output 48Vdc, 25A FC-PSU-UNI4825 

System Power supply Input 115/230VAC Output 110Vdc, 11A FC-PSU-UNI110 

24 Vdc Power Supply Unit, 45 A, input: 100-264 Vac, 230-340 Vdc  1200 S 24 P067 

48 Vdc Power Supply Unit, 25 A, input: 100-264 Vac, 230-340 Vdc  1200 S 48 P067

110 Vdc Power Supply Unit, 13 A, input: 90-265Vac SM120-13

Safe analog input module (4 channels) SAI-0410 

Safe high-density analog input module (24 Vdc, 16 channels) SAI-1620m