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ABB UNITROL® 6000, 5000 Important field spare parts
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ABB  UNITROL® 6000, 5000 Important field spare parts

Specifically designed to serve the needs of generators within steam, gas, nuclear and hydro power plants as well as motors in process industries such as steel mills, pulp and paper, chemical, natural gas production plants and refineries, UNITROL® 6000 for Indirect and Static Excitation comes in three versions - Light, Medium and x-power - serving different current ranges and customization levels.


  • Ultimate control performance keeps synchronous machine within safe limits

  • Guaranteed grid code compliance through advanced PSS options, validated models and simulation

  • Hardware in the loop simulator to expedite tuning and site-testing

  • Simple system operation, monitoring, and maintenance

  • Pro-active life cycle management throughout the complete life-span of the equipment

  • 24/7 technical support always within your reach, utilizing remote access platforms

it represents the industry benchmark in technology and availability.

A standardized entry-level system for DC current ranging up to 2000 A

Designed for small power generation units and brings, UNITROL 6000 represents a new benchmark in standardization and reliability.

With well-proven prefabricated functional modules, single/double channel configuration and a wide selection of thyristor bridge
module options, the system can be configured to meet all field data and availability requirements. No engineering effort is required.

The customizable solution for DC current ranging up to 2,000 A

Designed for small to medium static excitation systems, UNITROL 600 Medium is a benchmark in flexibility, reliability
and connectivity for brushless and critical steam generating units.

With single/double channel configuration (additional backup channel on request) and a wide selection of thyristor bridge modules, UNITROL® 6000 Medium can be configured to meet all field data and availability requirements.

Selected applications

- Hydro power plant

- Pumped storage power plant

- Combined cycle power plant

- Critical Steam power plan

A high-end, fully customizable systems solution for DC current ranging between 2,000 and 12,000 A

With single/double channel control configuration (additional backup controller on request) and a wide selection of thyristor bridge modules, UNITROL® 6000 X-power can be configured to meet all field data and availability requirements.

Selected applications:

- Nuclear power plant
- Underground hydro power plant
- Gas turbine power plant
- Coal-fired power plant
- Hydro power plant

Care Power plants have three service needs in common: emergency support, proactive maintenance and performance optimization. Excitation Care is designed to fulfill these common needs, is part of Power Generation Care and can be seamlessly integrated in these contracts. Excitation Care offers three different levels of support: Rapid Response, Life Cycle Management and Performance Improvement. The Excitation Care program provides peace of mind and reassurance to your maintenance team

Key features 

• Unlimited phone support 365 days a year with access to ABB product experts 

• On-site troubleshooting dispatch prioritization 

• Proactive maintenance programs (Performance Review) 

• Availability of field labor and spare parts (discounted hourly rates and prices) 

• Access to ABB University training programs (reduced fees) 

• Product Lifecycle management 

• Control upgrade solutions designed to extend the life of the system

UN 6000 3BHE051993R0001 Adapter plate UA D215 to UA D209 CSI Adapter plate for UA D209 replacement with UA D215 

UN 6000 3BHE023784R2030 PP D113 B01-20-111000 AC800PEC controller (FPGA Size 10K) 3OM

 UN 6000 3BHE023784R2330 PP D113 B01-23-111000 AC800PEC controller (FPGA Size 10K) Profibus, 3OM

 UN 6000 3BHE023784R2630 PP D113 B01-26-111001 AC800PEC controller (FPGA Size 10K) Modbus RTU, 3OM

UN 6000 3BHE023784R2530 PP D113 B01-25-111001 AC800PEC controller (FPGA Size 10K) Modbus TCP, 3OM

UN 5000 HIEE300661R0001 UP C090 AE 01 Fieldbus coupler 

UN 5000 HIEE300910R0001 UF C092 BE01 Digital Input Interface 

UN 5000 HIEE300690R0001 AR C093 AE 01 Relay Output Interface

UN 5000 HIEE200130R0002 AF C094 AE 02 Local Control Panel 

UN 5000 HIEE300794R0001 UA C096 AE 01 Analog I/ Interface 

UN 5000 3BHB000644R0001 UP C325 AE 01 Optical Bus Interface