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Reliance Electric AutoMax
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Reliance Electric AutoMax 

45C340 Reliance Electric AutoMax 45C340 Analog input, 8 channels 45C340

45C342 Reliance Electric AutoMax 45C342

45C35 Reliable electrical interface module AUTOBUS INTFCE HD HEAD 120/240VAC

45C360 Reliance Electric AutoMax 45C360 analog module 8 point output 4-20MA 45C360

45C362 Reliance Electric AutoMax 45C362

Reliance Electric AutoMax 45C37 remote I/O head 45C37

Automax 45C-380 automates the DCS 5000 register 30 input module

The 45C381 relies on an automated 45C-381 DCS 5000 register 30 output module

45C40 Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 115V I/O input module

Reliance Electric AutoMax 45C400 module, logic processor 45C400

Reliance Electric AutoMax 45C410 Remote I/O module, processor 45C410

45C411 Rockwell Automation 45C-411 DCS 5000 control processor module

45C43 Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 dual 230VAC/DC input modules

45C44 Obsolete Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 24VAC/DC dual input module

The 45C46 reliable power input module dual voltage comparator

45C60 Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 dual 115V AC 2A output PLC module

45C62 Obsolete Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 output module 230VAC / 2A

45C63 Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 dual output 24V 2A module

45C630 45C-630 Rockwell Automatic wheel switch display counter

Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 802826-1R 4-bit LED display interface

45C65 802812-9R Rockwell Automation DCS 5000 dual output module

45C66 Double contact 3A output module

45C68 Reliance Automation 250V DC 1/2 Amp output Rev 45C68. The old and new available

45C69 Automatic output module

45C70 Coaxial BNC T connector

Reliance 45C908 PROGRAMMABLE controller

45C94 Rockwell Automation 45C-94 DCS 5000 PROGRAMMABLE Controller Mini logic programmer.

45C97 Automatic guide rail interface module

53120 Trust electrical encoder I/O module

16-point I/P digital control system card input module 57C400 0-57C400-1

57401 in stock! Reliance Automax DCC module.

57401-1 Automatic digital INPUT/output unit

Reliance Electric AutoMax 57402 AC/DC output module

57404 Network communication module circuit revision.

Reliance Electric AutoMax 57405 I/O

Reliance Electric AutoMax 57406

57407 in stock! Reliance Electric Automax 0-57407-4J processor module.

57408 Reliance Electric AutoMax 57408

57409 Reliance Electric AutoMax 57409

57410 Reliance Electric AutoMax 57410

57411 trust parser input module 57C411.

Automax DCS 5000 field controller module 57412

57413 Communication memory module 0-57413 57C413.

57415 Remote I/O distributed control system DCS Automax communication module

Reliance Electric AutoMax 57416 Remote I/O communication DCS remote

57417 in stock! Reliance Rockwell Automax automatic interface module.

2 axis servo controller module 57C422.

57491 275W power module with key 57C492 802820

57552 in stock! Reliance PLC Automax universal drive controller card heritage.

Reliable electric control