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Foxboro Evo™ FCP280 Process Automation System Field Control Processor 280
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Foxboro Evo™ FCP280 Process Automation System Field Control Processor 280

Foxboro Evo™ FCP280 Process Automation System  Field Control Processor 280


 Performs regulatory, logic, timing, and sequential control together with connected Fieldbus Modules (FBMs) 

 Performs data acquisition and alarm detection and notification 

 Supports up to 128 Compact or standard 200 Series FBMs, or up to 128 of a combination of 100 Series FBMs and 200 Series FBMs (with no more than 64 100 Series FBMs in this configuration) 

No Fieldbus Communication Module is required. 

 No Fieldbus Expansion Module is required for Expanded fieldbus support.

 Supports self-hosting mode, which allows the FCP280 to boot itself with a valid control database even without its host workstation 

 Offers unique, patented, fault-tolerant operation using two control modules to greatly improve reliability relative to other process controllers 

 Offers on-line image upgrade (OLUG) of a faulttolerant FCP280 without shutting down the process  Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) displays letterbug and real-time roles and statuses 

 Connects to The Mesh control network via standard fiber optic or copper 100 Mbps Ethernet cables

 Uses a rugged, die cast aluminum housing for mounting in a non-vented field enclosure 

 Can operate in Class G3 harsh environments 

 CE certified for field mounting in enclosures 

 Each Fieldbus port on FCP280 baseplates supports either a 2 Mbps or 268 Kbps HDLC fieldbus exclusively 

 Uses versatile control algorithms and a wide variety of FBMs to provide control capabilities for a broad range of process applications 

 Supports time synchronization using optional external time from GPS satellites 

 Uses soft letterbugs configurable via the keys on the FCP280 faceplate.


The Field Control Processor 280 (FCP280) is a distributed, optionally fault-tolerant, field-mounted controller module. 

The FCP280 performs regulatory, logic, timing, and sequential control together with connected Fieldbus Modules. It also performs data acquisition and alarm detection and notification. 

The FCP280 connects to The Mesh control network via standard fiber optic or copper 100 Mbps Ethernet cables from network adapters installed on its baseplate (shown in Figure 1). 

The FCP280 requires Foxboro Evo Control Core Services v9.0 or later. A system with the FCP280 and this software is called a Foxboro Evo Process Automation System.

The fault-tolerant version of the FCP280 consists of two processor modules. These modules are installed in adjacent FCP280 slots in a baseplate for high speed communication between the modules. 

The FCP280 accepts four PIO channels (that is, four separate HDLC fieldbuses) via the four Fieldbus ports on its baseplate. These four Fieldbuses are referred to collectively as the “Expanded fieldbus.” For a description of the FCP280 baseplates, refer to DIN Rail Mounted Modular Baseplates (PSS 21H-2W6 B4).

The number of FBMs which an FCP280 can support varies depending on the types of FBMs used:

 200 Series FBMs exclusively used with FCP280 - Each Fieldbus port on the FCP280 baseplate can connect to a baseplate chain with up to 32 Compact or standard 200 Series FBMs per chain via the 2 Mbps HDLC fieldbus (up to 128 modules). 

 200 Series and 100 Series FBMs (dual baud configurations) used with FCP280 - The FCP280 can support a total of 64 100 Series FBMs (Ymodule) or competitive devices (such as Foxboro Evo System migration FBMs) in one or more baseplate chains, with the remainder of the FCP280’s 128 module limit being 200 Series FBMs, depending on the Fieldbus loading of the FCP280. For example, an FCP280 could support 64 100 Series FBMs and 64 200 Series FBMs (as 128 - 64 = 64). See Figure 2 and Figure 3 below.

When supporting 200 Series and 100 Series FBMs, each Fieldbus port (PIO channel) is dedicated to supporting either a 268 Kbps HDLC fieldbus (for 100 Series FBMs) or a 2 Mbps HDLC fieldbus (for 200 Series FBMs) - not both. For connections to 100 Series FBMs over 60 m (198 ft), an FBI200 pair is required to extend communications up to 1830 m (6000 ft). See Figure 2 below. 

To connect a Fieldbus port to a 268 Kbps HDLC fieldbus directly, the Fieldbus splitter (RH928CV) provides a connector for any Fieldbus port on the FCP280 baseplate, and two Termination Cable Assembly (TCA) termination blocks for the twinaxial cabling from the 100 Series FBMs. 

The FCP280 can also communicate with serial and Ethernet devices, such as PLCs, via Field Device System Integrators. This allows you to connect to new device interfaces without any changes to the controller software. To estimate the FCP280’s processor load, refer to Field Control Processor 280 (FCP280) Sizing Guidelines and Excel Workbook (B0700FY).

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