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GE 369-HI-R-M-0-D-0-E Motor Management Relay
Source:GE | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2024-01-03 | 127 Views | Share:

The 369 Motor Management Relay is a digital relay that provides protection and monitoring for three phase motors and their associated mechanical systems. A unique feature of the 369 Relay is its ability to ‘learn’ individual motor parameters and to adapt itself to each application. Values such as motor inrush current, cooling rates and acceleration time may be used to improve the 369 Relay’s protective capabilities. The 369 Relay offers optimum motor protection where other relays cannot, by using the FlexCurve™ custom overload curve, or one of the fifteen standard curves. The 369 Relay has one RS232 front panel port and three RS485 rear ports. The Modbus RTU protocol is standard to all ports. Setpoints can be entered via the front keypad or by using the EnerVista 369 Setup software and a computer. Status, actual values and troubleshooting information are also available via the front panel display or via communications. As an option, the 369 Relay can individually monitor up to 12 RTDs. These can be from the stator, bearings, ambient or driven equipment. The type of RTD used is software selectable. Optionally available as an accessory is the remote RTD module which can be linked to the 369 Relay via a fibre optic or RS485 connection. The optional metering package provides VT inputs for voltage and power elements. It also provides metering of V, kW, kvar, kVA, PF, Hz, and MWhrs. Three additional user configurable analog outputs are included with this option along with one analog output included as part of the base unit.

  1. The 369 Relay order code at the time of leaving the factory.

  2. 2. The serial number of the 369 Relay.

  3. 3. The firmware installed at the factory. Note that this may no longer be the currently installed firmware as it may have been upgraded in the field. The current firmware revision can be checked in the actual values section of the 369 Relay.

  4. 4. Specifications for the output relay contacts.

  5. 5. Certifications the 369 Relay conforms with or has been approved to.

  6. 6. Factory installed options. These are based on the order code. Note that the 369 Relay may have had options upgraded in the field. The actual values section of the 369 can be checked to verify this.

  7. 7. Control power ratings for the 369 Relay as ordered. Based on the HI/LO rating from the order code.

  8. 8. Pollution degree.

  9. 9. Overvoltage category.

  10. 10. IP code.

  11. 11. Modification number for any factory-ordered mods.

  12. 12. Insulative voltage rating

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