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PACSystems™ RX7i CPU IC698CRE020 CPU Module 700 MHz
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PACSystems™ RX7i CPU  IC698CRE020 CPU Module 700 MHz

Series 90-70 Module Compatibility The following Series 90-70 modules are supported by the PACSystems RX7i: Discrete Input Modules (IC697MDL240/241/250-254/640/651-654/671) Discrete Output Modules (IC697MDL340/341/350/740/750/752/753/940) Analog I/O Modules (IC697ALG230/320/440/441) Genius Bus Controller (IC697BEM731) High Speed Counter (IC697HSC700) Bus Transmitter Module (IC697BEM713/731) Bus Receiver Module (IC697BEM711) in Series 90-70 Expansion Rack only. Programmable Coprocessor Module (IC697PCM711). For details, see the “CPU Operational Notes“ section on page 15. Communications Coprocessor Module (IC697CMM711) For details, see the “CPU Operational Notes“ section on . DLAN Module (IC697BEM763 For details, see the “CPU Operational Notes“ 

Any BTM (IC697BEM713) used must be at least version H, hardware rev R08 or greater. Any BRM (IC697BEM711) used must be at least version M, hardware rev R13 or greater

Any Genius Bus Controller (IC697BEM731) used must be revision 5.8 or greater, hardware revision G or greater. To obtain this revision of the GBC, you must order upgrade kit 44A751619-G01.

Analog module requirements are as follows: 

IC697ALG230 used must be version F or greater. 

IC697ALG320 used must be version D or greater. 

IC697ALG440 used must be version D or greater. 

IC697ALG441 used must be version C or greater.

■ Hot Standby CPU Redundancy (including new CPU module CRE020). Hot Standby CPU Redundancy is a system in which two PLC CPU units are cooperating to control the same process. There is an Active Unit that is actively controlling the process and a Backup Unit that is synchronized with the Active Unit and able to take over the process should it become necessary. The two units are synchronized when both are in Run Mode and the Backup Unit has received the latest status and synchronization information from the Active Unit and both are running their logic solution in parallel. The Backup unit is a Hot Standby unit, capable of taking over the process. Redundant I/O capability is based on the Genius I/O System. 

■ SNP Serial Protocol - proprietary serial protocol used primarily to communicate with application programs (e.g. programmer software). 

■ Serial I/O Protocol - provides an interface for serial communications through COMM_REQs. 

■ User configuration of serial ports during Stop Mode. 

■ DRUM function block 

■ SWITCH_POS function block 

■ SCALE function block 

■ TMR_THOUS, OFDT_THOUS, and ONDTR_THOUS function blocks – higher resolution timers 

■ LAST_SCN status bit (%S2) 

■ RUN/STOP switch configuration – allows the switch on the PLC to be configured as a memory protect switch rather than run/stop. 

■ Service Request 29 - Read Power Down Time 

■ Service Request 45 - Skip Next I/O Scan 

■ New Reflective Memory Communication modules IC698CMX106 (non-redundant) and IC698RMX106 (redundant)

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