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PCIE-5565PIORC Ultrahigh Speed Fiber-Optic Reflective Memory
Source:abaco | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2023-10-25 | 241 Views | Share:

PCIE-5565PIORC* Ultrahigh Speed Fiber-Optic Reflective Memory with Interrupts

The PCIE-5565PIORC* is a PCI Express (PCIe) member of Abaco’s family of Reflective Memory real-time fiber-optic network products that supports both low profile and standard height PCIe boards. Two or more PCIE-5565PIORCs, along with other members of this family, can be integrated into a network using standard fiber-optic cables. Each board in the network is referred to as a “node.”

Reflective Memory allows computers, workstations, PLCs and other embedded controllers with different architectures and dissimilar operating systems to share data in real time. The 5565 family of Reflective Memory (referred to as RFM-5565 in this manual) is fast, flexible and easy to operate. Data is transferred by writing to memory (SDRAM), which appears to reside globally in all boards on the network. Onboard circuitry automatically performs the data transfer to all other nodes with little or no involvement of any host processor. A block diagram of the PCIE-5565PIORC is shown

 High speed, easy to use fiber-optic network (2.12 Gbaud serially)

 x4 lane PCI Express 1

 No host processor involvement in the operation of the network

 Selectable Redundant Mode of Operation

 Up to 256 nodes

 Connectivity with multimode fiber up to 300 m, singlemode fiber up to 10 km

 Dynamic packet size, 4 to 64 bytes of data per packet

 Fiber network transfer rate 43 MByte/s to 170 MByte/s

 128/256 MBytes SDRAM Reflective Memory with selectable parity

 Independent Direct Memory Access (DMA) channel

 Four general purpose network interrupts; each with 32 bits of data

 Configurable endian conversion for multiple CPU architectures on the same network

 Selectable PCI PIO window size from 2 MByte to 64 MByte to full installed memory size

 Operating System support: Windows®, Windows XP, Linux® and VxWorks®

 RoHS Compliant

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