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MOTOROLA MVME2600 Single Board Computer
Source:MOTOROLA | Author:Make | Published time: 2023-05-21 | 401 Views | Share:

This manual provides general information, hardware preparation

and installation instructions, operating instructions, and a

functional description of the MVME2603/2604 family of Single

Board Computers.

The MVME2603/2604 is a single-slot VMEmodule equipped with a

PowerPCª Series microprocessor. The MVME2603 is equipped

with a PowerPC 603 microprocessor; the MVME2604 has a

PowerPC 604 microprocessor. 256KB L2 cache (level 2 secondary

cache memory) is available as an option on all versions.

The complete MVME2603/2604 consists of the base board plus:


An ECC DRAM module (RAM200) for memory


An optional PCI mezzanine card (PMC) for additional



An optional carrier board for additional PCI expansion

The block diagram in Figure 1-1 illustrates the architecture of the

MVME2603/2604 base board.

The following equipment is required to complete an MVME2603/

2604 system:


VME system enclosure


System console terminal


Operating system (and/or application software)


Disk drives (and/or other I/O) and controllers


Transition module (MVME712M or MVME761) and

connecting cables

MVME2603/2604 VMEmodules are factory-configured for I/O

handling via either MVME712M or MVME761 transition modules.

The following table shows the relationship between MVME2603/

2604 model numbers and the applicable transition module.

MVME2603-1121A MVME2603-2121A

MVME2603-1131A MVME2603-2131A

MVME2603-1141A MVME2603-2141A

MVME2603-1151A MVME2603-2151A

MVME2603-1161A MVME2603-2161A

MVME2604-1121A MVME2604-2121A

MVME2604-1131A MVME2604-2131A

MVME2604-1141A MVME2604-2141A

MVME2604-1151A MVME2604-2151A

MVME2604-1161A MVME2604-2161A

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