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ABB SPBRC410 HR Series controllers
Source:ABB | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2023-04-17 | 442 Views | Share:

ABB SPBRC410 HR Series controllers Technical

Modbus TCP communication
SPC810ev and BRC410 controllers seamlessly integrate intelligent field devices using
the Modbus TCP communication protocol. This provides access to a wide range
of ABB and third-party IEDs including transmitters, actuators, motor control centers
and flame scanners.
The SPC810ev and SPBRC410 controllers utilize the S+ Engineering Symphony Gateway Software for Modbus TCP communication. The SPC810ev supports up to 8 servers and 128 clients and up to 10,000 total points. The BRC410 supports up to 4 servers and 24 clients and up to 4,000 total points.
Symphony Gateway Software licenses for varying point counts are shown below.

Technical data
Industrial grade RISC type processor
Power requirements
Controller: 2 A at 5 VDC = 10 W
PBA 100 mA at 5 VDC = 0.5 W
Redundant controllers
4 MB per second (normal operation)
Function codes, Batch 90, user defined
function codes (UDF)
• Console HMI and engineering station
• Controller peer-to-peer
• HR Series I/O (Rack I/O)
• SD Series I/O
• S800 I/O via IOR810
INFI-Net or PN800 exception reporting
I/O expander bus
HN800 (via PBA800)
HN800 (via PBA800)
2 RS-232-C or 1 RS-232-C and 1 RS-485
1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
1 mini-USB diagnostic port
Ambient temperature
0 °C to 70 °C (32 °F to 158 °F)

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