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ABB SPTPS13 H R Series turbine control solutions
Source:ABB | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2023-04-17 | 534 Views | Share:


The SPTPS13 module represents the latest generation of speed detection and turbine
protection modules for the Symphony Plus Harmony Rack platform. This module has been
designed to replace and consolidate all existing older Harmony Rack products of this type
(SPTPS02, SPFCS01 and SPTSA01). As a result of its multi-function purpose, the SPTPS13 is
compatible with several termination units (TPTU02 and NTDI01, NTDI02) and can interface
to several Harmony function codes:
a. FC 145/79/83/84 for TPS02 replacement applications
b. FC 145 for FCS01 replacement applications
c. FC 103 for TSA01 replacement applications
In addition, the SPTPS13 makes use of three small adapter boards (TPS, FCS, TSA) which can
be used to configure the functionality and the I/O channel mapping of the SPTPS13 to match
those of the three modules being replaced. Therefore, the SPTPS13 has three different
modes of operation, depending on what adapter board is plugged on to the motherboard.
TPS Mode
Three SPTPS13 modules plug to a single TPSTU02 termination unit using standard NKTU01
cables. All electronic overspeed related protective functions are monitored and initiated in
the modules and termination unit. These protective functions are independent of the
Symphony Plus Bridge Controller (BRC) and data highways. Triple redundant inputs, 2-of-3-
protection logic, and on-line testing capability are used to provide high reliability. Each of
the protective functions utilizes relays on the termination unit to control activation of the
function, three of which have four relay outputs for use with hydraulic manifolds such as
those provided by ABB, which use “1-of-2-twice” logic that allows for on-line testing of the
manifolds. The module utilizes an on-board microprocessor and memory to process input
data, control outputs, and communicate with the ABB Symphony Plus control system. The
module provides the following protective functions:
• OverSpeed Protection (OSP): Typically activates the Overspeed Manifold that shuts the
Governor and Intercept Valves to control an overspeed situation without having to initiate
a turbine trip.
• Turbine Trip (TRIP): Operates in parallel with or in lieu of the OEM electrical turbine trip
(typically a solenoid dump valve in the turbine control oil circuit) that rap-idly shuts all
of the turbine valve actuators. The setpoint is typically 110% of rated turbine speed.
• EHC Protection (EHC): Operates in conjunction with the TRIP function to acti-vate
the EHC Manifold, which dumps the hydraulic pressure to all of the valve actuators.
The setpoint is the same as the TRIP setpoint.
• Power Load Imbalance (PLI): Megawatts (electrical load output) and Intermediate
Pressure (IP) Turbine Exhaust Pressure (mechanical load input) are compared to
determine if there is an imbalance between the two. If the turbine mechanical load
input exceeds the electrical load output by a set amount, an overspeed situation is
anticipated and a digital output is generated for a specified time period, which is
typically used to briefly close the Intercept Valves.

FCS Mode
FCS mode is strictly a speed detection mode, where no protection functions are being applied locally by the SPTPS13 module. The speed channel channel is the only physical I/O channel that is used in this mode. Turbine speed is calculated by the TPS13 and passed through to the main controller (BRC4XX) via Expander Bus.
TSA Mode
The TSA mode provides turbine speed detection and calculation, overspeed protection and acceleration calculation. In addition, the TAS mode includes hardware based speed probe
failure diagnostics designed to detect most speed probe open and short circuit conditions.
Under the TSA mode of operation, the overspeed setpoint of the SPTPS13 can be automatically adjusted making use of a set of three digital inputs: Auto, Manual,
and Test. In the code, the module calculates each of these setpoints, stores them
in an array, and selects one for the overspeed setpoints based on the state of the
Digital Inputs every cycle.
The TSA01 will detect an overspeed once the calculated turbine speed exceeds the current threshold value as determined by the state of the digital inputs. Upon detecting the overspeed condition, the SPTPS13’s only action is to activate the digital outputs (no additional signals are sent through XBUS).

System communications
8 bit parallel
Speed signal resolution
0 - 1000RPM
1000 - 12000RPM
12000 - 20000RPM
One slot in standard Symphony Plus Modular Mounting Unit
I/O termination
Turbine Protection System Termination Unit (TPSTU02)
NTDI01 for TSA01 and FCS01 modes
Speed probe input
0.5–20 kHz, 0.05–120 VAC
Analog input
4–20 mA or 1–5 VDC (field inputs from termination unit)
Analog output
4–20 mA or 1–5 VDC (field outputs to termination unit)
Digital input
24 VDC (field inputs from termination unit)
(24–125 VDC, or 24–120 VAC converted on TPSTU02 termination unit).
120 VAC/125 VDC for TSA01
Digital output
24 VDC (to termination unit) for TPS02, 120 VAC/125 VDC for TSA01
Operating voltage
+15 VDC ±5% at 320 mA +5 VDC ±5% at 100 mA
+24 VDC ±10% at 75 mA
Power dissipation
4.8 W @ +15 VDC 0.5 W @ +5 VDC
1.8 W @ +24 VDC
frequency interference
Values not available at this time. Keep cabinet doors closed. Do not use communications equipment any closer than two meters from the cabinet.
Ambient temperature
0° to 70° C (32° to 158° F)
5% to 90% RH (±5%) up to 55°C (non-condensing)
5% to 40% RH (±5%) up to 70°C (non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure
Seal level to 3 km (1.86 miles)


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