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ABB DAPC 100 Stand alone Motion Control
Source:ABB | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2023-03-17 | 519 Views | Share:

ABB DAPC 100 Stand alone Motion Control

The control board is built up around a micro controller unit, DAPC 100.

It has following main data:

• Data bus size 16 bit

• Address bus size 18 bit

• Clock frequency 16,384 MHz

• Interrupt levels 7

• Watch supervision 2 levels

• Time out supervision 50 μs

• Interval clock Programmable

• On board EPROM 512 Kbytes

• On board RAM 64 Kbytes

• MCU Internal RAM 2 Kbytes

• Debug interface (BDM) 1

• Thyristor bridges interface 2

• Power Supply Monitor

The system interface units, i. e. Process I/O, and Cabin I/O, are designed by using a common I/O communication controller

board and a unit specific termination board.

The DSP-equipped Rotor observer board DATX 130 gets speed and condition status from the motor's or motors´ slip


The DSP-equipped Torque observer board DATX 132 evaluates the shaft torque of the motor(s).

The boards mentioned above contain the latest generation of electronics, and have as a consequence short creepage

distances between different potentials. The boards are for this reason specially adapted to the dusty conditions in the

heavy industry by coating. It is allowed that the dust is conductive, like in metal industry.

All information channels between units, both inside modules and for longer distances, are based on fiber. With HCS

technology, no practical limitation in distances exists on board a crane; see the Cabling instruction in Chapter 2.

The System I/O board is mounted inside the ventilated thyristor module. The board is designed with reasonable distances

between potentials and its surface is coated to withstand the dust ingress. This board couples the control system

to the power circuit by means of pulse transformers.

All parts of ASTAT are selected, designed or loaded in such a way that the installation temperature is permitted to reach

more than +70 °C continuously.

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