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ABB Station Automation COM600 Product Guide工控机
Source:ABB | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2021-11-23 | 1486 Views | Share:

ABB Station Automation COM600 Product Guide

ABB COM600,车站自动化装置,是一个多合一的通信网关,公用事业和工业配电变电站的自动化平台和用户界面解决方案。 网关功能提供变电站之间的无缝连接

IED 和网络级控制和管理系统。 自动化平台与它的逻辑处理器使 COM600 成为一个灵活的变电站级实施平台自动化任务。 作为用户界面解决方案,COM600 提供基于 Web 技术的功能,提供对通过网络的变电站设备和过程基于浏览器的人机界面(人机界面)。

COM600, the station automation device of ABB, is an all-in-one communication gateway, automation platform and user interface solution for utility and industrial distribution substations. The gateway functionality provides seamless connectivity between substation IEDs and network-level control and management systems. The automation platform with its logic processor makes COM600 a flexible implementation platform for substation-level automation tasks. As a user interface solution COM600 accommodates web technology based functionalities providing access to substation devices and processes via a web browser based human machine interface (HMI). 

The COM600 design process has been guided by the IEC 61850 standard for communication and interoperability of substation equipment. The communication gateway functionality of COM600 supports a variety

of commonly used communication protocols of substation devices. For even greater connectivity, OPC data access and OPC alarms and events are supported to enable information sharing and control with, for example, a distributed control system (DCS). 

The IEC 61131-3 based logic processor can be programmed to execute automatic sequences directly via communications media. Further, the logic processor enables the creation of both simple control programs and more sophisticated applications like load shedding or fault isolation and network restoration. 

The COM600 hardware platform is based on ruggedized mechanics with no moving parts subject to wear and tear. Thus, the compact and robust design is well adapted for harsh environments. The preinstalled software and the off-line configuration performed on a separate computer contribute to a faster project execution.

COM600 provides gateway functions for mapping signals between protection and control IEDs in industrial or utility substations and higher-level systems. It further includes an optional HMI that provides data and information from the substation to the users. 

COM600 gathers data from protection and control IEDs and from process devices using different communication protocols. The supported protocols can be combined freely in one station computer, limited only by the number of hardware interfaces and the license. COM600 uses web technology to display data to different users in a professional and user-friendly manner. The optional slave protocols enable the transfer of information to a network control centre (NCC) or distributed control system (DCS). 

COM600 benefits from the potential of the IEC 61850 standard by using the IEC 61850-6 substation configuration language (SCL) and IEC 61850 -7 communications modeling regardless of protocol used. As the IEC 61850 data modeling is used for all communication protocols the gateway cross-reference is done in the same way regardless of the protocol, for example IEC 61850-8-1 or DNP3.

COM600 can by using the optional web HMI (requires Mozilla Firefox®, Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer with Adobe SVG viewer 3.03) be used for efficient substation visualization, monitoring and control. Measured values from process devices are displayed on the HMI. Single-line diagrams can be used to view any available measured values from the process devices. 

All primary single-line diagram (SLD) devices are displayed in one screen. The SLD recognizes different voltage levels and different busbar systems such as single busbar, double busbar and duplex systems. The four-mode busbar coloring visualizes the busbar status. The coloring of the busbar is user configurable.

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