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GE IC695CPE310 处理器模块 PACSystems RX3i
Source:GE | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2021-11-22 | 1660 Views | Share:

GE IC695CPE310 处理器模块 PACSystems RX3i

The PACSystems* RX3i CPE310 can be used to perform real time control of machines, processes, and material handling systems. 

The CPU communicates with the programmer via the internal Ethernet port or a serial port. It communicates with I/O and Intelligent Option modules over a dual PCI/serial backplane. Features 

■ Contains 10 Mbytes of user memory and 10 Mbytes of non-volatile flash user memory. 

■ Battery-less retention of user memory. 

■ Optional Energy Pack on system power loss powers CPU long enough to write user memory to nonvolatile storage (NVS). 

■ Configurable data and program memory. 

■ Programming in Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, and C. 

■ Supports auto-located Symbolic Variables that can use any amount of user memory. 

■ Reference table sizes include 32Kbits for discrete %I and %Q and up to 32Kwords each for analog %AI and %AQ. 

■ Supports most Series 90-30 modules and expansion racks. For supported I/O, Communications, Motion, and Intelligent modules, see the PACSystems RX3i Hardware and Installation Manual, GFK-2314. 

■ Supports up to 512 program blocks. Maximum size for a block is 128KB. 

■ Two serial ports: RS-485 and RS-232. 

■ Embedded Ethernet interface supports a maximum of two programmer connections. 

■ The rack-based Ethernet Interface module (IC695ETM001) supports a complete set of Ethernet functionality. For details, see TCP/IP Ethernet Communications, GFK-2224. 

■ Time synchronization to SNTP Time Server on Ethernet network when used with a rack-based Ethernet module (IC695ETM001) version 5.0 or later. ■ Ability to display serial number and date code in programmer Device Information Details. 

■ Ability to transfer applications to and from USB 2.0 A-type compatible RDSDs (removable data storage devices).

Migrating RX3i CPU310 Applications to a CPE310 The CPE310 may be swapped with a CPU310 with no upgrade to the legacy PME software. Logic and configuration equality in PME will be maintained when storing the same project to either a CPU310 or a CPE310. PME versions that recognize the CPE310 (7.0 SIM3 and newer), will allow either a CPU310 configuration or a CPE310 configuration to be stored to the CPE310. For all PME versions (both current and legacy) a CPU310 device can accept only a CPU310 configuration. PME versions earlier than 7.10 SIM 3 interpret the CPE310 as a CPU310. The CPE310 can be configured as a CPU310 using PME versions as old as 5.5, Service Pack 1. CPE310 Fault Behavior when Configured as a CPU310 

 A CPE310 that is configured as a CPU310 logs the following faults in the Controller fault table on power up: - LAN Transceiver Fault is generated because the RX3i system detects that the embedded Ethernet module does not have a network connection. - An Extra Option Module fault is generated because the embedded Ethernet module is detected as an unconfigured module. 

 If the Energy Pack capacitor pack is disconnected or fails, the legacy faults for a missing or failed battery are logged. 

 When a CPE310 is configured as a CPU310, Ethernet properties cannot be configured and there should be no cable connected to the Ethernet port. 

 If a CPU310 configuration is stored to a CPE310, the RDSD port is enabled to allow you to transfer CPU310 projects to CPE310 models without using PME. CPE310 versus CPU310 Performance Differences The following differences should be considered when converting legacy applications or developing new applications on the CPE310. 

 Some exceptionally lengthy CPE backplane operations, such as MC_CamTableSelect, Data Log and Read Event Queue functions, will take longer to complete compared to other RX3i CPU models, and may delay backplane operations to IC695 modules. For example, when an MC_CamTableSelect function block is executed on the PMM335 module, the CPU’s acknowledgement of the PMM355 module interrupt may be delayed. In this situation, you may see the following fault in the I/O Fault Table, even when the interrupt has not been dropped: Error initiating an interrupt to the CPU. 

 Performance specifications for many features, such as power-up time, function block execution times and I/O module sweep times have changed. For details, refer to Appendix A of GFK-2222R or later. 

 The RS-232 port on the CPE310 does not provide 5V power on pin 5.

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