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  • ABB 3BHE01 3940R0001 UNS 0868 B-PV1 power supply
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  • ABB 3BHE01 3940R0001 UNS 0868 B-PV1 power supply

    ABB 3BHE01 3940R0001 UNS 0868 B-PV1 power supply

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ABB 3BHE01 3940R0001 UNS 0868 B-PV1 power supply

ABB 3BHE01 3940R0001 UNS 0868 B-PV1 power supply

UNITROL® 6000, 5000 and F critical spare parts

Having critical spare parts on-hand can significantly

reduce the downtime associated with excitation

maintenance, forced outages, electrical and

mechanical failures. As a minimum for operational

reliability, it is essential to have critical spare parts

and components readily available.

Excitation services provides you with a

complimentary recommended spare part list and

takes care of testing, maintaining and adjusting your

spare part stock. We will also keep you informed

about critical ageing processes of vital components.

Excitation Care

Power plants have three service needs in common:

emergency support, proactive maintenance and

performance optimization. Excitation Care is

designed to fulfill these common needs, is part of

Power Generation Care and can be seamlessly

integrated in these contracts. Excitation Care offers

three different levels of support: Rapid Response, Life

Cycle Management and Performance Improvement.

The Excitation Care program provides peace of mind

and reassurance to your maintenance team.


ABB 3BHE022291R0101 PC D230 Communication Control Measurement

ABB 3BHE025541R0101 PC D231 B CCI converter control interface

ABB 3BHE041 343R0102 PC D530 A102 Communication Control Measurement Standard Controller Board

ABB 3BHE026284R0101 UA D215 A10115V, 500V CSI converter signal interface

ABB 3BHE026284R0102 UA D215 A10215V, 1000V CSI converter signal interface

ABB 3BHE026284R0104 UA D215 A104 30V, 500V CSI converter signal interface

ABB 3BHE026284R0105 UA D215 A105 30V, 1000V CSI converter signal interface

ABB 3BHE026284R0106 UA D215 A106 30V, 1500V CSI converter signal interface

ABB 3BHE051993R0001 Adapter plate UA D215 to UA D209 CSI adapter plate

ABB 3BHE023784R2030 PP D113 B01-20-111000 AC800PEC Controller

ABB 3BHE023784R2330 PP D113 B01-23-111000 AC800PEC controller

ABB 3BHE023784R2630 PP D113 B01-26-111001 AC800PEC controller

ABB 3BHE023784R2530 PP D113 B01-25-111001 AC800PEC controller

ABB 3BHE023126R0020 AF D242 A CCP inverter control panel

ABB 3BHE023126R0010 AF D242 A SCP Service Control Panel

ABB 3BHE022293R0101 PC D232 A: PEC80-CIO integrated input and output

ABB 3BHE032025R0101 PC D235 A: PEC80-CIO FU integrated input and output

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